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All we have achieved is just the beginning of our sports career

2 (2008)
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…Every French soldier should carry a marshal's baton in his knapsack. The sportsman who doesn't want to take part in the Olympiad and win is a bad sportsman. The youth from different Russian regions shared their opinions with «Vestnik» concerning their place in big sports as well as the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games role in opening of new sports «stars». Starting from this issue we open the photo gallery publishing the potential Olympic champions. Remember their faces…

Mayya Kokoulina, (1990), fencing:

— I have been going in for fencing since childhood, I managed to take the first place at Russian tournament and the second place at the world tournament after the persistent training. I hope to take part in the Olympiad in the future and certainly win gold. Trainings and self confidence are the main factors of success.

Arsen Radgabov, (1990), Greco-Roman style:

— I won prize places time and again: in 2007 I won third place in the championship of Russia among youth and first place in the championship of Europe. Every time I prove that for the time being I am prepared better than my rivals. Today sports should become popular with young people. Holding the Olympic games in Sochi has already made such an incentive.

Tatiana Sokolova, (1993), cycle racing:

— I have been going in for cycle racing only since 2006, but I can boast of the first place in championship of Russia in 2008. My main sports dream is to win gold in the Olympic games in London, 2012. New stadiums are being under construction, the already built stadiums are being repaired. I hope, this will not cease after the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014.

Ksenia Monko (1992), Kiril Khalyavin (1990), figure skating:

We have been going in for pair skating for 9 years, three times we were prize winners of stages in World Cup. Most likely only three pairs from a country will take part in the Olympic Games. We will do our best to be among them. All we have achieved is just the beginning of our sports career.

Eva Hachaturian (1999) and Igor Eriomenko (1997), figure skating:

— At the beginning of November we took first place in the international contest NRW Trophy in Dortmund, Germany. Out main sport dream is to take part in Olympic Games and win gold. And, of course, we want to be famous all over the country and skate together with the celebrities in different show-programs.