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The fighter Voevode is on the watch

2 (2008)
Viewed: 1997

Anatoly Nosyrev is going to receive the title of Absolute World Champion in kickboxing and to be recorded in Guinness World Records.

The dramatic sports competition will be held in Moscow on December, 5. The competition will include dozens of kinds of martial arts. The native of Don land, Anatoly Nosyrev, as the team captain will lead Russian national team in kickboxing on the arena. World team vs. Russian national team. Within more than a year Nosyrev won four championship belts according to the different versions of kickboxing. He will win the fifth and the last belt of the world strongest sportsman amidst professionals in case of his victory over the German sportsman Alex Meltzer in the world champion battle according to the prestigious version WAKO-PRO.

— Anatoly, your battle with Meltzer promises to be the main intrigue of the competitions.

— I also think so. The German is a very serious, technically skilled contestant, he is close to my level. He is a current world champion according to the version WAKO-PRO, the only I have not won yet. He is a real athlete: 12 kilograms heavier and several centimeters taller than me, the size of Vladimir Klichko.

— How do you prepare for this, maybe, the most important fight for you?

— I practice everyday: in the morning — cross-country run for 10–12 km, in the evening — train in the gym…

— On October, 11, in Rostov Sports Palace Russian national team in kickboxing won World team without scoring a point (5:0), and you confirmed World Champion title according to one of the versions, having defeated Afro-American John James with confidence. Moreover enemies set rumors afloat about your contestants being not the strongest ones…

— I am happy, that I hit the American in front of overcrowded tribunes, VIP-guests from The International Federation, and also stars of sports and cinema («Rocky-4», «Universal Soldier») Dolph Lundgren. James is the World Champion according to the version K.I.C.K., the founder of which is legendary Chuck Norris. As to the rumors… One can visit the site of International Federation of Kickboxing and learn more about achievements and titles of my defeated opponents. All they did not come into kickboxing accidentally for money, they take leading positions in kickboxing rates and have many victories.

— «Voevode», why did you decide to take such a fight nick?

I chose it myself. I am interested in Russian History, I respect people who are real patriots of this country. I suppose this nick «Voevode» embodies Russian national character. By the way, I was a quiet and shy kid, slim, not tall and not physically fit.

— Does boxing provide for living well?

— Kickboxing is far from professional sports like boxing or tennis in the sense of ages and bonus. By the way, I do not have a car yet.

— You appear to be a modest person.

— Why should I show off my titles and champion's belts? When I meet people in cafe and they ask what I do, I tell «badminton». And my teammate Ruslan Tozlyan, world champion among professionals in 60 kg weight category, introduces himself as an Alpinist.

— You won so many titles and still don't have Honored Master of Sports. It seems strange.

— They promised me this title and even made documents for Moscow. But then they changed their mind in All-Russian federation of kickboxing. They think I should have some team practice sessions, perform boxing. To be honest, that is not my standard. But I don’t mind to promote kickboxing as a sport.

— Do the Russian kickboxers often take leading positions in world championships?

— They have been permanent winners of the world championship and the championship of Europe for the last eight years. Just to mention the last year world championship, where all countries took part, our compatriots won 66 medals, including 28 gold medals. Kickboxing becomes more and more popular in Russia, especially with young people. It has been developing in 65 regions of our country. I believe, kickboxing will soon compete with boxing in its popularity.

Files on Anatoly Nosirev

Anatoly Nosyrev was born May 29, 1977 in Novocherkassk. His height is 194 cm, weight is 107 kg. Nosirev is master of sports of international class in kickboxing, master of sports in boxing and hand to hand fight. His nick is «Voivode», he lives in Rostov. Nosirev had 68 fights in the full-contract (69 wins, including 39 wins by nock-out). Sport achievements: Twice world champion in kickboxing among amateurs (2002, 2006) according to the version of IAKSA and WKA.
Septuple champion of Russia in kickboxing. Fourfold world champion in kickboxing among professionals according to the version of WBKF, ISKA, WKA (2007), W5 (2008). The best non-Olympic sportsman in Rostov region according to the results of 2007.

Anatoly Nosyrev graduated State technical University of Novocherkassk, he made a degree in Jurisprudence as well.