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Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympic Committee «We trust Russia»

¹ 1 (2008)
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Sochi has a lot of sports units, which now exist only in project. However it is not the first time that the IOC chooses the location for the Olympics basing on projects only. We have already acted this way when we chose Sidney.

 We trusted Australians — and they organized the Olympics fantastically. We somewhat doubted in London, but we trust the British authorities. However claims based on virtual grounds have chance only in case they provide additional incentive, something that attracts the IOC. It is important for us that we should give good heritage to the city, region and country.

Sochi has been given a unique opportunity to create a new center of winter sports, which will be located outside the Alps and the Rocky Mountains (USA), which, together with the Japanese units, are considered the biggest sports arenas. This touched the IOC members, and they trust the new Russia.

We are satisfied with our choice. Moreover, we are getting full support from the Russian Federation. We feel that the minds of both the Russian government and the organization committee are attuned with the International Olympic Committee.

Russia is one of the world’s most powerful countries in sports. This idea is proved by more than 90 medals, which Russia won during the last summer Olympics in Athens, and by more than 20 medals, won during the winter Olympics in Turin. We are sure that the Games in Sochi will be organized on the top level.