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Valery Chesnok  

Figures and numbers Sochi-2014: Olympic arithmetics

3 (2009)
Viewed: 1876

We offer you the training for the Olympics in the figures.

127 milliard rubles are the means of The Russian Federation government for preparation for the Olympic Games this year.
21 sites are already being constructed within the programme of Olympic and neighboring infrastructure creation implementation. 
70 million tons of goods it's the preliminary demand of companies for storing construction materials for the Olympic Games in Sochi suburbs.
2000 students will study in Russian International Olympic University.
16 trademarks are planned to be registered in Rospatent by “Trend” company, which specializes in alcohol production.
41% of Russians «were delighted» when they learnt that Sochi had been chosen as a place for the XXII winter Olympic Games. 
242,2 milliard rubles to this amount the budget of Hotel Complex «Olympstroy» has grown.
$20 milliard is today's budget of the XXII winter Olympic Games in Sochi.
400 milliard rubles is the price of construction of transport infrastructure for the Olympic Games is Sochi.
2 milliard rubles have been transferred by founders of “Gosloto” lottery for development of physical culture and sports for three years.