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Two in one

3 (2009)
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Russia will be preparing for two sports forums at the same time — the Olympics in Sochi and the Worl Student Games in Kazan.

The President Dmitry Medvedev declared at the session of the Council on the development of the physical training and sports that took place on March 23:

— This year we are starting the Olympic development. Nevertheless many aspects are slowed down by the bureaucracy. It is essential to finalize all the design works and make sure everything is done according to the schedule.

Both the Olympics and and the Student Games are national projects. I think that all regional construction organizations have to participate in the construction competitions for development of Sochi and Kazan.

It is evident that at present economic environment it takes more vigorous activity to find investors. We are developing perspective projects that should stay in demand also after the Olympics and the Student Games.

One of the major goals is to take advantage of the Games in Sochi and Kazan to modernize and develop all the system of physical training and sports in this country. At the same time it is necessary to prepare specialists that will provide service for the compititions in Sochi and Kazan. I think that at a great extent the work of volunteers will deal with general atmosphere of the Olympics and the Student Games.

On the topic

Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia:

— Neither the excessive bureaucracy nor the crisis should trigger the failure of the schedule or hinder the beginnig of the development for the Olympics. If some of the investors think they will not be able to complete the task it's better to let us know in proper time.

Vytaliy Mytko, Minister of Sports, Tourism and youth politics of Russia:

This year has been appropriated around 0,5 billion rubles and 13 million dollars to prepare to take part in the Russian and international competitions. By 2020 it is planned to involve up to 80% of students into regular sports activities and improve material and technical provision of the Higher Educational Institutions.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, the Head of the Olympic Committee «Sochi-2014»:

The number of volunteers for the Olympics should make 75 thousand people. We will have to receive 150 thousand participants and 1,5 million visitors. It will take around 100 thousand of service personnel to work in the hotels. Students units may and should be an important resource.

Author: Vitaly Dorofeev