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Mega-presentation of the mega-project

3 (2009)
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At the international exhibition MIPIM-2009 in Cannes Russia offered “the most interesting Olympic projects” to the world investment community.

The Krasnodar region, one of the recent leaders of the world attention, offered more than a thousand investment projects at MIPIM-2009. But the XXII Winter Olympic Games project has become the leader. Within the framework of the exhibition the international conference «Presentation of Sochi-2014» took place, Dmitry Kozak, vice-prime-minister was the chairman.

— For us implementation of the Sochi mega-project on the basis of the government-and-private cooperation is extremely important. In this case the state would be focused on investments in the infrastructure and interested in attraction of private funds in the projects which are market-reasonable and would be repaid, — said Dmitry Kozak.

The governor of Krasnodar region Aleksandr Tkachev said that «Sochi-2014» mega-project is evaluated at$20 milliard. Foreign investors are invited to participate in construction of sports and commercial projects in the value of $3,9 milliard. “Among the building sites applying for co-investment are the following: “Gornaya Karusel”, Sberbank participates in its financing; hotel part of the Olympic village, “Bazovy element” is its investor; and a covered skating centre which used to be under “Russneft’s” supervision”,- said the president of the GK “Olympstroy” Victor Kolodyazhny.

Foreign companies were also presented with 27 investment projects in the resort-and-sanatorium field and in tourism of the Krasnodar region to the amount of 2,7 milliard euro. The presentation resulted in a number of specific agreements. One of them is an agreement with a Portuguese company Imorbi II — Investmentos Imobilarios SA about the construction of a housing-and-recreational complex “Caravel Portugal” in Dagomys village in the value of 120 million euro.

For the previous seven years of participating in MIPIM Krasnodar region signed investment agreements to the amount of 7 milliard euro, and just for this one current year — to more than 1,8 milliard euro.

Author: Vitaly Dorofeev