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Poll: Olympics and crisis

3 (2009)
Viewed: 1915

Experts of “Olympic Reporter” talk on the subject, reflected the crisis in preparation for the Olympics 2014.

“We do not depend on the crisis”
Victor Kolodyazhny, president of the state corporation “Olimpstroy”:

— As a consequence of an unstable situation on the financial markets the quantity of the organizations, willing to participate in construction of the Olympic objects, has increased 10 times. Many construction companies are suffering serious difficulties now and a government contract for them is a real way out. Today we are the organization that has 100% financing for all the objects, we do not depend on the crisis. And of course the companies will firstly come to us. Will it be possible to meet the deadline? This is out of question! The majority of objects will be constructed at the cost of investors, and their main task is to make the construction projects recouped.

“To reject sponsorship is an extreme case”
Ilya Lomakin, the director executive of Discovery Research Group:

— To justify the refusal to sponsor the Sochi’s Olympics Games there must be very serious reasons, and first of all — problems in business. But in many kinds of business to show that you have problems is to aggravate them. So by all criteria to reject sponsorship is an extreme case. But if the economics suffers very bad times, companies will start to refuse to make investments in the Olympics and the lacking money will have to be taken from the budget. That’s no problem — they will take this money: this is a political project, this is the face of the country, of the authorities and of course — Putin’s face.

“For Russia the Games is the highest priority”
Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz, German ambassador to Russia:

— The Russian Federation makes a lot of financial efforts in order to make the Games-2014 successful. Resting upon the positive experience in organization of the summer Olympics-1980 in Moscow in case of Sochi a distinguished political person is responsible for the preparation and arrangement activity — the president Dmitry Medvedev commissioned Dmitry Kozak with this task. Thus it was clearly demonstrated on the international arena that preparation for the Olympic games-2014 has the highest priority. I would be happy if German enterprises could make their contribution in the success of this great project.

“We will do the construction works ourselves and will even help the Londoners”
Vasily Alekseev, a two-time Olympic champion, 80-recordsholder in weight-lifting:

— I haven’t been studying the financial problems deeply. But I don’t see anything terrible for the Olympic Games in Sochi in today’s crisis: the government is arranging preparation work for the Olympic Games and it will provide the required investment. Russia will finish construction of the Olympic objects in any situation on a high level with a good quality — mark my words. We will make a creditable showing, do the construction works ourselves and even help the Londoners! And don’t forget the following: each Olympic Games are better than the previous ones. They say that Beijing impressed everybody with its Olympic sport arenas and arranged one of the best Olympic Games. And our Olympics in Sochi will be even better. You will see!

“Sochi-2014 has been protected from perils”
Igor Burakov, executive director of Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov region:

— Of course, during the preparation to the Games the rotation of private investors will take place. Their number can be reduced this year as a result of the crisis. But there is plenty of time for increasing the number of those who, with the first symptoms of economy recovery, will be willing to fight their ways to participation in the Olympic projects. Nevertheless, the share of State participation in the Games can be increased.

But in the connection with the fact of assets and materials, works and services’ costs devaluation and having bigger share of costs from State’s side, the final amount can be smaller than the original estimations. So it is reasonable to expect the discount of 20% or even 40% from the original Olympics budget in the beginning of 2009.

“The Olympic business is profitable”
Varteres Samurgashev, the Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling:

— The state itself will govern the process and will be able to prepare the sport objects in spite of the world crisis, inflation, other difficulties and problems. Moreover the International Olympic Committee, just like the National Olympic Committee, will be constantly controlling the construction works. Though, of course, the crisis will influence Russia to a lesser or greater degree, and to implement the planned projects for us will be more difficult than it was for the organizers of three previous Olympic Games, at which I happened to participate. But the fact that investors are interested in the Olympics as much as the sportsmen is rather comforting: the Olympics business is very profitable.

“State expenses will grow by $40–50 milliard”
Evgeny Shago, director of the analytical department of Management Company «Ingosstrakh-Investitsii»:

— The priority of these projects is very high with the investors: refusal from them will cost them a lot. And moreover — this relates to the commenced projects: those which haven’t been started yet are likely to be postponed, or they will be financed from the budget. In my opinion, the government should start to get ready to increase expenses for the Sochi’s Olympics minimum by$40-50 milliard. At present the amount doesn’t seem too great, but in the non-crisis conditions these expenses could be covered by private persons. Business in the conditions of the liquidity shortage is likely to refrain from additional investments in infrastructure with the payback period of several decades.

“Now everybody has problems”
Svetlana Boiko, the Olympic champion in fencing:

— Now everybody has problems. Including the Englishmen — in connection with their preparation for the London–2012 Games. But our country will make itself safe and will find the required funds, and we will not disgrace ourselves. Many people still speak about wonderful organization of the Beijing Olympic Games–2008. Yes, the Chinese impressed everybody: everything was newly-constructed, they used nothing old. I remember that in year 1996 in Atlanta a campus served as an Olympic village — modest cottages were situated on the territory of the educational institution. In 2000 in Sydney and in 2004 in Athens the Olympic village was far in the country and that was very uncomfortable… I believe that Sochi’s Olympics will leave all these previous games behind.