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To get rid of everything excessive

3 (2009)
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3.662 million cubic meters of earth material was exploded by Open Joint-Stock Company OJSC “Kubanvzryvprom” in year 2008. OJSC “Kubanvzryvprom” takes the leading positions in Krasnodar territory among companies working in drilling-and-blasting operations. Oleg Tobolets, the general manager of the enterprise, says that the organization holds a high level in the competitive market conditions.

Organization with a long history of existence

— OJSC “Kubanvzryvprom” (KVP) was founded in early 1920ies. During its existence the enterprise more than once became the winner of the socialist competition, was granted with certificates and banners, was a laureate of labour protection competitions. KVP has built a team of qualified employers, has acquired a big experience in carrying out different kinds of drilling-and-blasting operations.

— On what sites are you working today?

— The enterprise works in open pits of OJSC “Novoroscement”, “Bogogoevsky”, “Neberdzhaevsky”, “Aderbievsky”, “ Dagomyssky”, as well as in lime-pits “Khadzhokhsky” and gypsum-pits “Shushuk”. Now we are also participating in tenders for works in Sochi (Olympic objects), for development of Shtokmanovsky gas field, conducting negotiations concerning work in construction of the second order of CTC in Novorossiysk.

— How much is the company interested in participating in the Olympic project?

— The location of Sochi requires the sites pioneering, releasing them from excessive earth material for construction, so of course we evaluate this field as a very promising one.

— It is impossible to stay up for so many years unless you develop and improve the production process of the organization…

— The enterprise has always been going hand in hand with the technical progress. Even in year 1958 the organization managed to perform a unique exposure to shut off the Terek River. One of the recent novelties of the enterprise is a non-electric explosion system.

— When did the company buy new operational units last?

— Today there are about fifty units of transport vehicles and drilling equipment in the enterprise’s balance. Last year we acquired a Korean Strong SD 1300 drilling machine. In spite of the external economic situation we have foreseen monetary assets for the current year too — 15 million rubles.

— Has the crisis affected the work of the enterprise?

— The volume of works has decreased a little, but the main thing is that the regions needs and will need drilling-andblasting operations. Moreover, the enterprise has some competitive advantages — fixed depots of explosive materials, capability to produce simple explosive materials using our own sources in the volume up to 200,000 tons per years, a big stock of drilling machines (20 units) and of course, qualified staff of employees.

Author: Tatiana Lavrentieva