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Partnership sounds good

3 (2009)
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It is expected, that eight general sponsors of the Sochi Olympic Games will provide the Organizing Committee with 90% of the required means — USD 1,2 milliard.

First nomination, in which the general partners have been already determined, — “Telecommunications”. They are companies “Megaphone” and “Rostelekom”. Total sum of the deal USD 260 millions — has set a new record for the Olympic movement. Actually “Megaphone” and “Rostelekom” will invest twice more: they will spend about UD 250 millions into infrastructure of Sochi and other territories in the south of Russia. “Rostneft” got the “oil” contract.

The firm will build a net of oil stations with Olympic symbols around Krasnodar region, supply oil products according to the orders of the state corporation “Olimpstroi”, serve the yacht marine which is being built in Sochi. Total sum of the sponsor’s contribution is about USD 180 millions. In the category “Bank” “Sberbank of Russia” won. It agreed to contribute into Olympics’ money-box from USD 110 to 130 millions. Soon the general partners of the Games in the categories “Passenger Air-Traffic” and “Insurance” will be announced. To become a general sponsor, one should contribute minimum USD 100 millions. The general partners of Sochi-2014 will be determined till 2010. They will get the right to use Olympic intellectual property, to participate in Olympic projects and initiate Olympic marketing programs.

There will also be the sponsors of the “second level” and the suppliers; they will sign the contracts that cost USD 50–70 and 10–15 millions accordingly. Total expenses on organization and conduction of the Games are estimated at USD 1,88 milliard. It is expected, that eight general sponsors of the Sochi Olympic Games will provide the Organizing Committee with 90% of the necessary means — exactly USD 1,2 milliard.