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Olympic reserve

3 (2009)
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Young athletes talk about plans for the future.

“I dream about holding the cup”
Vladislav Gulchenko (1999),hockey:

— It is good that the 2014 Games will be held in Sochi: it means that most judges will be Russian and our athletes will win all the gold medals. To win an athlete must listen to the coach and do everything he says. I always listen to my coach, so during the games for the Cup of Don and the first international tournament in children's ice hockey teams (year of birth 1999), where we won, I made most goals. I would like our team to take part in the Olympics and win: I really want to hold the cup.

“I want to be myself”
Kristina Sobol (1991),weightlifting:

— I have been going in for weightlifting since the age of 13. In 2006 I passed the qualifying standards and received the title Master of Sports. This year I won gold medal in The Cup of Russia for athletes under 20 years old and two silver medals in the Championship of Europe for juniors and in the Cup of Russia. Earlier, by the way, I have set a personal record lifting 166 kg. As all athletes, my main dream is to take part in the Olympics. I hope to have such an opportunity already by the year 2012. I do not have idols among athletes. I want to be unique and to become an example for young athletes in the future.

“My idol is Englishman Steve Redgrave”
Kirill Biryukov (1988),rowing:

— I have been going in for kickboxing, basketball, volleyball, until at the age of 15 I went in for rowing by chance. This year I took the third place in the championship of Russia and the third place in another championship of Russia. The victory at the Olympics is an “Everest” for me. My idol is an Englishman, Steve Redgrave, who became five times the Olympic champion in five games in succession for the first time in the history of rowing. Due to his sporting character Redgrave was awarded the Count's title, and millions of young athletes all around the world want to be like him.

“We want to grow our own champions”
Kristina Grushina and Anna Grushina (1990), artistic gymnastics:

— We have been going in for artistic gymnastics since the age of 7. This sport has attracted us first of all by its beauty. In 2007 we took the third place in the group exercises at the championship of Russia and the first place in 2008 in the Sports contest of YuFO (Southern Federal District). We will definitely continue our sports career. Unfortunately, our sport is young, and our age is not likely to allow us to participate in the Olympics, although history knows the exceptions. And then we would like to become coaches to work with young athletes and bring up our own champions.

“We must increase the merits of our masters”
Ibragim Labazanov (1987), Greco-Roman wrestling:

— I was offered to attend many sports sections at school, but I decided to follow the footsteps of my father, who had been going in for wrestling. Every year I participate in various competitions and almost always win prizes. In the Championship of Russia in 2008 I took the second place. Of course, I want to take part in the Olympics, I will strive to achieve that by 2012. The participants of recent Olympic games have proved that Russia is a great sports country. We must increase the merits of our outstanding masters and coaches.

Author: Ekaterina Minakova