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The family will be glad

3 (2009)
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In 2012 in Sochi the first in the system of international Olympic movement university will be opened; it will prepare managers for sport industry.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, the head of the organizing committee «Sochi-2014», who came out in favor of foundation of the new Institution of higher education, is sure in its uniqueness:

— Today not only Russia, but majority of the countries in which the Olympic Games take place suffer a true lack of specialized personnel: in order to satisfy the need for the world and can not always be found. Several tens of specialists migrate from one Olympic event to another without leaving any heritage.

In these circumstances an idea to establish Russian International Olympic University (RIOU) appeared. It was approved by the primeminister Vladimir Putin. The new educational institution will direct its efforts to the specialists who had got higher education and want to supplement it with MBA programme. The university will work as magistracy with a two–year educational course and will prepare cadres in all directions, which are essential in the Olympic movement and international sport industry.

There will be three departments in RIOU: of sport management, of international communications in sports and the one of international organizations and international relations in sports. The university will have twenty four chairs; a research centre, in particular, which will consist of nine laboratories; a sport and health-improving centre and a cultural children’s centre. The assumed annual amount of admitted candidates for study at the university is up to 2000 persons — both Russian and foreign foreign students. Some subjects will be taught in Russian, but the majority — in English and French — offi cial languages of the Olympic movement. In the educational programs of the institution the experience of the International Olympic Committee will be used, as well as the best experience which was the result of work of other organizational committees of sport forums. It is planned to use the experience of focused experts and Olympic champions in the educational process. Academic education will be combined with practical classes at sport facilities during real competitions.

Some special programs will start work on the basis of RIOU as early as in year 2009, but opening of the university campus is planned to take place three years later.

The first group of candidates will be admitted in 2012, after the test competitions have been held in Sochi. Graduates of RIOU will acquire unique knowledge, these specialists will be able to arrange sporting events of any level and scope. The institution of higher education will satisfy the need in cadres in 205 Olympic committees, belonged to the Olympic family.

But the first customer who needs specialists taught in RIOU is Russia. These specialists will make the personnel resource to serve the winter Olympic Games-2014 — the most innovative Olympics which will become the merit of our country.

“There is a problem with students' selection”
Andrey Fursenko, Minister of Education and Science of Russia:

— RIOU can be successful, but there are some problems that have to be taken into consideration. The first problem: the project is initially planned as the second level education. That means that it will be teaching mature people who clearly know and understand why they need the RIOU diploma. The second problem is the staff of teachers and managers. In Russia we extremely lack teachers and managers, and continuous attraction of foreign specialists is impossible. There is also a problem with selecting students. The modern youth has perverted understanding of many things: many people go to an educational intuition in order to get such prestigious “wallpaper degree”…

“The major risk of the project is the personnel”
Andrey Volkov, rector of Skolkovo Moscow School of Management:

—RIOU project has big international ambitions, that is to become the international educational elite. I would specify five essential aspects. The first one: foundation of RIOU can be related to structure reforms in Russia. The second one: there is no big experience in foundation of international educational institutions, so the founders will have to face and solve this hard task. The third one: it should be a module professional school. The fourth one: RIOU has to become a research laboratory. The fifth one: teachers. The personnel problem will be the major problem for the Olympic games establishment — this is the major risk of the project.

“RIOU is a perfect practical base”
Gennady Shvets, head of the department of public relations of the Russian Olympic Committee:

— No doubt: RIOU is necessary. Sport management is very important especially in the south of Russia where the Olympic Games in 2014 will take place. Preparation and holing of the Olympic Games require attraction of tens of thousands volunteers, and if among them there are people with special knowledge it will be a great advantage. The university will open two years before the Olympic Games in Sochi. I think its academic programme will be made with the purpose to prepare and train personnel for it to the maximum. Of course, students of RIOU will further continue their education, but Sochi-2014 will be a perfect practical basis for them.

“Our success directly depends on managers”
Sultan Ibragimov, vice-champion of the Olympics-2000, twice champion of the world in professional boxing in superheavy weight:

— Foundation of RIOU is a modern idea, and I totally support it. I know it by my own experience: success of a tournament directly depends on promoters, managers. For them it’s important to have talent for management and organizing, experience and skills. This is just what should be taught. For example, on the one hand, a former resident of Rostov Boris Grinberg, who has been living in the USA for a long time, is a very professional manager — he arranges all his fights at the highest level. On the other hand, there is a manager from Moscow: everything he arranges goes wrong at the very last moment…

Author: Sergey Pavlov