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6 out of 45

3 (2009)
Viewed: 1789

The founders of lottery «Gosloto» transferred about RUR2 bln for development of physical culture and sport in Russia within three years.

Russia needs Olympic lottery. The president of OKP (Olympic Committee of Russia) Leonid Tyagachev put forward an initiative: «Practice of holding of Olympic lotteries exists in many European countries. Obviously, that sport in our country needs nonbudget sources of financing. The only thing remaining is that the order concerning the establishment of lottery has been signed by the president Dmitry Medvedev».

Meanwhile one sport lottery «Gosloto», the heiress of Soviet «Sportloto», has already witnessed its start in Russia. The General Director of LLC «Orglot» (company-operator of «Gosloto») Sergey Mikheev shared with «Vestnik Olimpiady» about its current and future scope.

All-Russian state lottery «Gosloto» is hold on the basis of order of Government of RF of September 10, 2005. Its organizer is Federal Agency for physical education and sport. The partner is Hungarian entrepreneur Sandor Demjan, the president of TriGranit Development Corporation, the largest Development Company in Central and Eastern Europe and the third largest in Europe.

The first game formula of «Gosloto» is hold according to the principle «6 out of 45». The cost of one minimal game combination (6 figures) amounts to RUR20. One has to guess two figures to win. 1 289 840 of tickets were sold and accordingly, 6 323 876 of stakes (minimal game combinations) were made as of December 31, 2008. Minimal win in «Gosloto» is RUR20. The maximal one is RUR100 mln, the super prize for a participant, having guessed 6 figures. So far 6 figures have been guessed by none.

For pleasure

One of the main goals of «Gosloto» is financing the Federal target-oriented program «The development of physical culture and sport in RF for 2006–2015». The total volume of funds, directed into the budget by the lottery for the years of 2006–2007, was RUR561 mln. The funds in the amount of RUR1.288 bln should be yet transferred by the end of the year of 2008.

Thus, the total amount of target allocations for three years will amount to RUR1.849 bln.

The construction of the following objects within the framework of the program «Mass sport» is planned:

  • 1,467 multifunctional gyms;
  • 733 gyms with swimming-pools;
  • 733 stadiums in educational institutions;
  • 1,000 sport centers, being in the property of subjects of RF.

Within the framework of the program «Elite sport» is planned:

  • reconstruction of 7 Olympic training bases;
  • reconstruction and construction of 20 sport centers for going in for different kinds of sport on the territory of RF;
  • reconstruction and modernization of sport base of educational institutions for preparation of Olympic reserves;
  • equipment for Anti-doping Center.

Katerina Pogontseva