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Maksim Fyodorov, editor-in-chief of the Publishing House «MediaYug»: White Sochi nights

¹ 4 (2009)
Viewed: 2003

The «Olympic Reporter» asked readers a question: whether «XXII winter Games can become the uniting national idea?» Four variants of answers were offered: «For all inhabitants of Russia»; «Only for inhabitants of Krasnodar region»; «For officials and businessmen»; «no, they cannot». None of the variants got absolute maj oritty of voices, however, over half of respondents — 57% — inclined, all the same, to the first. This day — voting for the application of a city-candidate of Sochi on July 4th, 2007 in Guatemala — Russia was bringing closer as it could. It is impossible to say, that everything was placed on bet. But the highest Russian power was morally prepared and tried to prepare compatriots for the fact, that we can not but win. That is blessed, who believes… It is obvious, however, that to achieve the right to become the Olympic Games country-mistress is half the work.

«If you pledge, don't hedge», Vladimir Putin's team condemned 140-million Russia to seven-year stress: could we make it or not; would we be in time or not… Organising committee «Sochi-2014» has declared at once, that is going to spend the best Games in history. Other, not less categorical statement, was read between lines: «We'll do it at any price!». But organizers propose, and the economics disposes… «Nobody succeeded in hiding from crisis. There is no stability islet remained, except Antarctica», — the president of Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, witty noticed. «Still investors don't refuse building of Olympic objects. Though, we understand that they can be, — vice-premier Dmitry Kozak admitted. — If it happens — we will search for other investors, or use budgetary funds — we don't have another way». So, literally, the state has de jure proclaimed itself the main investor of the Sochi project. Putin's — Medvedev's team has, seemingly, learned a lesson from humiliating self-reproaching of Russia before world community in 1990, and again is concerned about its image.

Unlike Canadians and Englishmen, Russians do not even mention about the lack of means for the organisation of the Games. The same is about the terms. It is stated, that practically the building in Sochi had started a year earlier, than in Vancouver and in London, and would come to the end, as it had been planned, — to 2012. Meanwhile, it is already the second half of 2009. It is banal, but it is the fact: time flies swiftly, as if there weren't 730 days and nights, which passed from the moment of the announcement of Sochi the capital of XXII White Olympic Games. There is no doubt: other days and nights will fly by as well. Still, international sports functionaries are on the side of Sochi. As well as one year ago, the results of the IOC Coordination commission visit became the best gift for Russia to the second anniversary of its triumph in Guatemala. «We were impressed by what we had seen», — the head of the commission, Jean-Claude Killi, shared. One should think, Russians would forgive IOC its «monotony», if the next gifts were precisely the same…