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«Guatemala is lucky country for us»

¹ 4 (2009)
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Russia has become nearer to the Olympic Games for 730 days and nights.

Jacques Rogge, the president the IOC: It is not the firsl; time, when the IOC awards the Games on a virtual basis. We have felt, that the Russian government and Organizing committee are on one wave with the IOC.

Vyacheslav Fetisov, the chairman of the commission of the Federation Council: For me, carrying out of the winter Olympic Games in Russia is like the third gold medal which will win 30 million Russian children together with me.

Leonid Tyagachev, the president of Olympic committee of Russia: Some years ago Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and I visited Krasnaya Polyana, we went skiing, and we wished, that these places were opened for the world.

Nikolay Tsiskaridze, the premier of the Bolshoi theatre: Ballet, sports and folklore give the best notion about the greatest Russian culture to millions people worldwide.

Olga Kuznetsova, deputy head of management of education of administration of Sochi: Now only 10% of inhabitants of Sochi speak foreign language. But we pretend to the status of the international resort, so, English should be learnt today.

Maria Sharapova, the world tennis champion: The Games in Sochi will leave unprecedented heritage to Russia and to Olympic movement.

Evgeny Kafelnikov, the ex-first racket of the world: Today our athletes are a step away from their dream about the Olympic Games in homeland came true.

Victor Kolodyazhny, the ex-president of «Olympstroy» federal company: I would like that we save everything that the nature had given to us. Sochi is the one city in Russia where it is possible to bathe in the sea and at the same time go skiing.

Alexander Ovechkin, the forward of «Washington Capitals» and Russian national hockey team: Games will be held in my native country. If I do not get to Sochi, it will be a tragedy for me.

Dmitry Medvedev, the president of Russia: The day when we have learnt that Sochi will become the centre of Olympic Games of 2014, is, maybe, one of the happiest days for modern Russian history.

Alexander Zhukov, the vice-premier of Russia: Guatemala has become lucky country for us.

Anatoly Pakhomov, the mayor of Sochi: Sochi should become the best city of the world, because we are preparing a sports holiday for the whole world.

Igor Butman, the jazz saxophonist: The winter Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi seem to me absolutely logical, and I am sure, that it will it will be done with the greatest ease.

Vladimir Putin, the chairman ofthe Government of Russia: We cannot allow, that this holiday was darkened by any problem for any Russian citizen.