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¹ 4 (2009)
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The second anniversary of victory of the Sochi application In Guatemala, which fell on the day off, Russia celebrated on building site: in the capital of XXII White Olympic Games the active phase of building has already started, and nothing should hamper it, even a global economic crisis.

On your marks!

For the XXII winter Games it is necessary to construct and reconstruct 181 objects, only 14 of them are sports objects, others are: transport infrastructure, power- and water supply, hotel economy.

Dmitry Kozak has declared recently, that the announced phase of full-scale building in Sochi has begun. According to the minister of regional development, Victor Bargin, 26 objects are already under construction, and some of them are even put into operation.

In the end of 2008, first ski lifts of a sports-tourist complex «Gornaya karusel» in Krasnaya Polyana, and a railway freight yard in the Imeretinskaya valley, were put into operation. After four months — in April of 2009 — the building of the third ski lift of «Gornaya karusel» was started.

In April in Krasnaya Polyana, new substation «Poselk-ovaya» by capacity of 170 megawatt was started up. «It will supply with the electric power not only village, but the whole mountain cluster of the future Games». In May the building of the first complex of mountain tunnels for the combined highway and railway from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana have begun. As the president of the Russian Railway, Vladimir Yakunin, has noted, the highway of total extent of 50 km will provide delivery of visitors and participants of the Games to the main sports objects. According to Victor Basargin's forecast, it is planned to put into operation the airport of Sochi, the second stage of Transportable Nuclear Power Station, the third launching site of a highway Dzhubga — Sochi till the end of the year.

Irritant topics

Prime minister Vladimir Putin agreed with arguments about the necessity of transferring the building of tobogganing and bobsleighing tracks, mountain Olympic village and a water intake from the territory of Grushevy ridge, which is the object of a world natural heritage, to the other place.

«In case of disbalance in nature, it can appear the situation, that we won't be able to cope with for anything in the world, — the head of the government has wisely noticed, admitting the fact that the conflict with ecologists was provoked»by decisions which have not been worked out fully". According to ecologists, they have won «in many aspects, because the international organisations, first of all UNESCO, have stepped in». One more serious and long-life irriant topic is the redemption of the lands in Nizhneimeretinskaya lowland for building of the Olympic infrastructure. Process of the redemption of lots has started on November 1st, 2008. Dmitry Kozak stipulated last year, that lots will be redeemed «for a fair market price, which will allow citizens to buy similar property, habitation and land in the market without any trouble».

Down with bureaucrats!

Dmitry Kozak repeats: «Building of Olympic objects in Sochi goes according to plan, forestall-ing the preparation for the Olympic Games in London and Vancouver». At the same time, he speaks with reserve: «Now there are no refusals of building of Olympic objects from investors. Though, we understand that they can be. If they will, — we will eithter search for other investors, or use budget money — we have no other way». The other weak point of the Olympic Games is bureaucratism. «It is important, that those problems which should be decided that is called, "in the field", wouldn't stick in bureaucratic problems, — president Dmitry Medvedev calls for. — first of all, it concerns the relations of various departments with "Olympstroy" and Organizing committee». In spring president issued a call: «the Regional building organisations should take part in tenders for building of objects in Sochi» In summer the plenipotentiary of the president in Southern Federal region, Vladimir Ustinov, complained: «Representatives of the Olympic enterprises do not show any interest to our national staff.

And the reference to tenders sounds all the time: «Come on, win! Well, we approximately imagine, how these tenders go. I think that we will win nothing there…» «I will support you, — said the head of the state, a little discouraged by such frankness, — but if to speak about these procedures, actually, you have all the tools is in your hands — Public Prosecutor's Office, judicial and antimonopoly structures. Teach them with these tools, painfully!» «Neither problems of bureaucracy, nor the crisis phenomena should cause terms failure of the beginning of bulding of objects, — Vladimir Putin says categorically. — if someone from investors now cannot take obligations connected with participation in Olympic building it is better to refuse them absolutely».

Anti-crisis arithmetics

Representatives of Russian Organizing committee insisted and continue to insist: all objects constructed for the Games, will be in demand after the Olympic Games. Meanwhile, it became known in spring about the decision to limite to one seaport in Sochi. «We have defined ten freight platforms for warehousing and transshipment and it has given the chance to refuse building of the second seaport and to save 8,5 billion roubles», — commented Dmitry Kozak. And Vladimir Putin dared to admit the fact, that five ice arenas at the Black sea coast are too much. «There is an idea: to make three of them collapsible and after the Games transfer them to other regions of the country for

development of winter kinds of sports and popularisation of Olympic movement there», — the prime minister told. In 2008 the state has allocated for preparation for the Sochi Olympic Games 113 billion roubles, in 2009 was planned 118 billion roubles, but then the sum has decreased to 104 billion roubles, thus private investments have grown to 102 billion roubles. According to new information, the general cost of Olympic infrastructure makes about 200 billion roubles.

According to the schedule, building of Olympic objects in Sochi should come to the end by 2012. «The delaying of any procedures connected with preparation for the Games, is inadmissible», — Vladimir Putin warned.

Author: Maksim Fyodorov