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First Frosts

¹ 4 (2009)
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Olympic objects can be redesigned at a building stage.

Three of five ice palaces, which are constructed for the Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi, will be redesigned. After the Games, they will be dismantled and transferred to other regions of Russian Federation. The Small ice arena can become one of the objects redesigned at a stage of building. Evgeny Ponkratov, the representative of the main contractor, the general director of close corporation «Chelyabinskoye shakhtostroitelnoye predpriyatiye» comments on a situation: — For two months which have passed from the moment of state order reception, the main spadework on the object is done. According to plan, the building of stationary object — Small ice arena for ice hockey for 7 thousand places was supposed. From my point of view, the project of Small ice arena is very interesting, the obj ect should be very reputable. According to plan, it will be delivered in July, 2011, it's quite a real term. However, today the construction is stopped. The possibility of replacement of a stationary construction to the demountable is considered at the federal level. From the technical point of view, the replacement of monolithic constructions to the demountable will not cause any problems. The pause makes trouble. If it will be necessary to do the new project, it will cause additional spending of means and time. I would vote for a stationary ice palace. I can hardly imagine how sports complex will look, how much of its functionalities will be cut down, when three palaces will be dismantled and carried away.

There is an assumption, that after the end of Games the complex will not be filled: five ice palaces on the Black seaside it is too much. But, firstly, if the country plans to develop a sports-resort complex of Sochi and to involve a stream of tourists and sportsmen not only from Russia, but also from abroad, constructions will be called for. Secondly, to erect two complexes in different regions will cost less, than to dismantle, transport and assemble the one again.

The total area of building of Small ice arena is 9,710 m, the building area is 22,870 m. Base cost of arena makes 4.3 billion roubles, the price of the winner of competitive selection is 3.44 billion roubles, (with the VAT of 18%). Means for building are planned to allocate from the federal budget, though, participation of private investors is not excluded also. It is planned to finish the construction by July, 2011.

Author: Galina Shuvalova