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The standard approach

¹ 4 (2009)
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Without development and following unitary system of standards, it is impossible to solve the ambitious problem of building objects of the international class in Sochi, considers the president of Association of sports engineering (ASE), Nikolay Bykanov.

Praise to standard

In world practice of building, the standard is the most reliable criterion of quality, and the domestic building industry should not turn out an exception nowise. Standards are those general «game rules», which are developed by professional community, and just for this reason become a strict guideline for all experts of branch.

Certainly, it is an ideal to aspire for. The real stuation on Olympic construction sites generates problems, which could not appear in case of the system and rational approach. For example, it is already known that five skating-rinks for Sochi-2014 will be constructed by five different companies with the help of absolutely different technologies. The result — considerable rise in price of ice arenas service. Not less a vital question — the parity of international quality standard ISO, and the Russian building standards. Olympic objects for the Sochi winter Games simply will not be accepted by IOC, if «they don't satisfy» world standards.

ISO Standards can and even should be adapted to Russian specificity: climate, technologies, production level. Main quality assurance — following the standards during the building of object of any level, should not be changed.

When the curtain falls. The history of the Olympic Games abounds with sad examples: operation of idle objects after the Olympic Games, literally devastates the state treasury. In particular, Athenes should spend millions dollars a year to support idle Olympic stadium in proper condition. Barcelona supports enormous deserted park and useless pool with a diving board on a Montzhuik mountain. Nagano supports sports constructions, though no sportsman had been there after the Olympic Games of 1998.

In this sad row there is the sport centre in Krylatskoe, constructed for Moscow Olympic Games-80. Its operation causes the annual loss in 300 million roubles, this burden is upon the federal budget. To avoid such «white elephants» in future, it is necessary to predict the future of sports object on a stage of design, to estimate use prospects, to count a parity of expected profit and charges. On assurance of organising committee «Sochi-2014», our winter Olympic Games will not create «white elephants»: all objects constructed for Games on Kuban, will be completely loaded both in summer, and in winter. In all regions of Russia efficient control of the sports real estate can become the effective tool of economic improvement, and also solve the complex of social problems. Not only efficient business-plan, but also the use of services of the skilled management company will not allow to commit strategic errors. However, the latter is the deficit in the field of Russian sports management.

We weren't born yesterday. The vital issue is the creation of the self-regulated organisation which would unite all professionals of the Russian sports. This non-commercial community should become a source of formation of unitary rules, conditions and quality standards.

With the help of minister of sports, tourism and youth politics, Vitaly Mutko, ASE tries to initiate the creation of such organisation — «Promsport». Besides legislative activity, «Promsport» will collect statistic data. The serious work has already begun: since 2006 the Association has been issuing the annual «Sports branch of Russia». As a matter of fact, it represents the list of enterprises involved in sport industry. Today ASE's list contains more than thousand organisations, thus, «presence» in the list means the best recommendation and recognition of company's authority. Annually updated list of good cadres reveals the most capable potential for building of Sochi-2014.