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Not the first, not the last

¹ 4 (2009)
Viewed: 1865

The heads of «Olympstroy» state corporation come and leave, and the Olympic Games remain.

As well as one and a half years ago, today «Olympstroy» is the structure really influencing a course of realisation of the most ambitious and expensive domestic project. Hence, the attention to persons who have the great honour (responsibility) to take the helm.

The planned resignation. President №1 of «Olympstroy» state corporation, was the ex-head of «Rosneft» company, Semyon Weinstock. The fate assigned him less than half a year on this post. On April 17th 2008, prime minister of that time Victor Zubkov dismissed Weinstock, having noted: «Those problems which were entrusted to him, were honourably solved». According to the official version, «Olympstroy» former «oil industry worker» decided to leave himself. «His leaving is not unexpected for us, — the minister of regional development of Russian Federation of that time, Dmitry Kozak, declared. — We did not set terms when»he should leave", though, they were, in principle, and now are done". Meanwhile, experts have doubted voluntariness of leaving of the top-manager. One of hypotheses: the head of «Olympstroy» has suffered defeat in struggle against the head of the Ministry of regional development, who pretended to maximum advisement of «Sochi-2014» project. The other hypothesis — Weinstock has withdrawn, having convinced that ambitious Olympic building entails a lot of difficulties, first of all, infrastructural. The third is the appeared problems with investors …

«We often lose people on our way»

 As Dmitry Kozak says, Semyon Weinstock's banner was carried on with Victor Kolodyazhny — the mayor of Sochi, «the constructor by education and vocation». It occurred some days before the visit of the IOC Coordination commission. Aganist to fears, the international inspectors did not find in personnel castling anything extraordinary. «We often lose people on our way, even those, who hold the highest posts», — stated the head of the commission, Jean-Claude Killi, unemotionally.

«Olympic Report» had possibility to ask Kolodyazhny some vital questions during the International forum «Sochi-2008».

— The main building will begin in Sochi in 2009, and will come to the end in 2012. Are there points, that confuse you all the same in this grandiose project?

— Having studied all points, I have not seen anything we can not make.

— Don't you have fear, that after the end of the Olympic Games, some objects will appear not claimed or will not be used fully?

— Investors work out scenarios of the transformation of those objects, that should be constructed, on prospect after 2014…

Alcohol-free Olympic «Baltica»

«This work demands effort and devotion 24 hours a day, — has noticed Dmitry Kozak. — Victor Kolodyazhny has some private circumstances, that make him ask to transfer him to other work, which is connected with permanent stay in Krasnodar».

Now it was already necessary to carry out Kolodyazhny's banner. And it was made by Taymuraz Bolloev. In 1991 he founded and up to 2004 headed the brewing company «Baltica»; this brand is known not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Since January 2009, Bolloev hold the post of the vice-president of «Olympstroy» and was responsible «for coordination of work with investors, advancement and definition of project areas priority». And for last two months he headed the corporation, actually, while the chief was on holiday. «I hope, you will work with all your devotion, and will achieve the results which everybody of us is waiting for,  — Vladimir Putin has given set to the chief»Olympstroy worker". — the Olympic project is not private, but public, of a great significance". «This assignment for me is a great honour, — was the answer. — for the time of working in corporation I understood that this mission is exclusive».

Political scientists say

Alexander Mamitov, the political scientist: The reason is the competition of power-holding elite

— Behind personnel shifts in «Olympstroy», there is a competition of power-holding elite. Rotation will proceed in five years that remain before the Olympic Games-2014. For this not to turn to ordinary struggle of political groups, the creation of the effective monitoring system of president of state corporation and his team work is necessary.The state pathos, reflected in the formulation «To be the best in everything» is clear. However, except the accepted ideology, there is also economic feasibility.

Alexey Titkov, the expert of the Moscow Carnegie centre: To find the balance of interests

— Staff rotation in «Olympstroy state corporation can be mostly explained by the importance of the project »Sochi-2014" in the opinion of the Russian state power. Adjustment of the mechanism of state corporation is connected with search of balance of interests of the centre and region. The previous presidents of «Olympstroy» — Semyon Weinstock and Victor Kolodyazhny, represented extremes in this case. Attempt to countervail the opposite tendencies is being made now. According to my forecast, the corporation management will endure at least three personnel replacements till 2014. Thus, the concept of building and use of the Olympic objects can change for more realistic.

Vitaly Ivanov, the director of Institute of politics and state law: It is not worth of panic and despondency

— There is a natural rivalry of various political groups round the Olympic project. Certainly, there will be new resignations and assignments before the beginning of the Games. Undoubtedly, state corporation structure will undergo metamorphoses, adapting to more effective performance of their liabilities. The problems, which authorities put before «Olympstroy», are not impracticable. Anyway, there will be not refusal to their realisation: the prestige of the project «Sochi-2014» is too high. We can't cancel the Olympic Games and economic crisis. The Olympic Games-2014 are going to be!

Author: Maksim Fyodorov