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To shine forever

¹ 4 (2009)
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In September, at Krasnaya Polyana, the first Russian gas station constructed by «LUKOIL» company and equipped with photo-electric station of domestic design will be opened.

«LUKOIL» company has decided to consider possibility to equip the objects with photo-electric stations (PES) as the pilot project. Their advantages:

  • have no wearing out moving parts;
  • do not pollute environment in the course of work;
  • provide operating life (till 20 and more years) without considerable deterioration;
  • practically do not require maintenance service;
  • are simple in installation and service.

At the selection of the organizations for design, delivery and installation of PES, the priority was given to the domestic equipment. The basic requirements to its configuration and structure:

  • photo-electric modules are installed on existing shed of the gas station, their total capacity makes 10 kw;
  • the gas stations are supplied with storage batteries as a reserve source of the electric power at emergency switching-off of the electric system. It will allow not to use diesel power plant and will reduce influence of the gas station on the environment;
  • PES works for partial reimbursement of needs of the gas station in the electric power together with the existing electric system, and also as a reserve source. According to preliminary estimate, decrease in volumes of purchase of the electric power from the general network can make up to 30%.

For the realisation of the pilot project the new gas station at Krasnaya Polyana has been chosen: this area is characterized by very high level of solar radiation for Russia. Thus, the installation of PES is combined with the building of the gas station. The termination of installation of PES is planned for the 25th of August, 2009, gas station startup — for September. It will be the first Russian gas station equipped with PES of domestic design.