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«I would give 'D'for the preparation for Olympic Games»

¹ 4 (2009)
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Only those projects where the commercial prospect is seen, are offered to the investors. It has no sense to bring offers to private business, if the benefit is not obvious, the «Olympic» vice-premier, Dmitry Kozak, is convinced.

— How would you estimate the process of preparation for the Olympic Games?

— If to estimate like at school, «D». We want well coordinated work of state structures. Despite the maximum political and organizational support of the project, a lot of time is wasting on endorsement. We should deeply sympathise with business which invests into objects of capital construction.

— Are there failures at some objects?

— There are little delays at some stages of works, but as a whole, it does not influence the ending of the project in time. We have analysed the experience of Vancouver, Beijing, London. We will begin mass building in 2009, a year earlier, than our colleagues. Experts of the International Olympic committee suggested to transfer the beginning of building of some objects for later terms. But as we see from our far from perfect practice, that it is necessary to have safety margin, and we wish to begin earlier. Sports objects will be already constructed by 2012.

— Aren't you worried by the fact that investors are not found for a half of 14 main sports objects of the Olympic Games?

— Nobody set a task that all 14 objects was constructed by investors. Some projects will not be repaid. Only those projects where the commercial prospect is seen are offered to the investors. It has no sense to bring offers to private business, if the benefit is not obvious, — for example, it is the central stadium or a palace for curling. Now, in mountain cluster all sports objects, except tobogganing and bobsleighing tracks, are constructed by the investors. Tobogganing and bobsleighing tracks which were moved to new place for ecological reasons, will now be redesigned, and will be financed by the state. As for the coastal cluster, there are rather perspective investment business offers. For some time we are ready to discuss with potential investors the transformation of sports objects into business projects during the period after the Olympic Games. Business can solve such problems better and more effectively, than the state.

— And don't you wish to order big business to be responsible for Olympic objects?

— If it helps, we can order. (Laughs.) The key problem of the state is to create as much favorable conditions for attraction of private investments, as possible Concerning the Olympic project, this problem was solved in whole. For investors there are no problems concerning the connection to engineering networks, the endorsement of the territory layout documentation, registration of the title to the land.

— How much will the building cost?

— Predicted cost of the Olympic Games, i.e. the construction of sports objects and objects of infrastructure, makes 206 billion roubles, 118 billion roubles of them are the federal budget expenses, the rest — private investments. Taking into account new business offers, most likely, this parity will soon change in favour of the budget. Though, all these figures are tentative: it is impossible now to predict precisely a building market conjuncture till 2014.

Author: Source: «Vedomosti»