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Olympic choice

¹ 4 (2009)
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The new crushing-and-sorting factory in cost of 500 million roubles and capacity of 2 million m3 a year, will provide Olympic objects in Sochi with inert materials.

«Vybor-S» company constructed crushing-and-sorting factory, and opens it in Kurganinsky region on the 10th of July, 2009. It is settled down on a deposit of explored reserves of more than 30 million m3. Total amount of investments into the project — 500 million roubles, more than 400 million of them have been already invested. The new enterprise has the equipement of the best European manufacturers from Sweden, Austria, Germany. Uninterrupted supply of the largest building objects, (including Olympic), Krasnodar regon with high-strength cubiform and pure inert materials will be arranged.

Economy of cement at manufacture of concrete, simplification of road-building and tunnel-building technologies is only one of advantages of sand and rubble use of the European quality. Shipment from factory will be carried out both on automobile, and railway. After the enterprise will achieve estimated capacity, it will make 2 million m3 a year. The project in Kurganinsky region is the fourth under «Vybor-S» belt. Two factories producing small-pieces concrete in Novorossisk, and factory producing elements of beautification and wall panels by semidry vibrocompression method in Seversky region, have been put in operation earlier.