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Extraordinary and plenipotentiary

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Eminent sportsmen and musicians are in the list of ambassadors of the Sochi Olympic Games.

One of the first, who was honoured to be the ambassador of XXII winter Games,was the leader of Russian national team of acrobatic freestyle, the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games in Turin, the repeated prize-winner of the World Cup, Vladimir Lebedev. «I'm sure: the Games in Sochi will help to make freestyle more popular in our country,

— Vladimir has declared». The diploma of the ambassador also has the leader of national bobsleighing team of the Russian Federation, the silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games in Turin, Alexander Zubkov. "We perform in different countries of the world, but we have never been the owners of ice", — Alexander has noticed.

"Winter Games in Sochi is a fantastic possibility for the Russian hockey, — the triple Olympic champion, the president of Federation of hockey of Russian Federation, Vladislav Tretyak, has declared — Our team has shown its superiority at the World championship in Switzerland. I'm sure, we will repeat this triumph in Sochi". In the list of ambassadors of Sochi-2014 are at once three representatives of the world of music — Yury Bashmet, Valery Gergiev and Dima Bilan. «I am proud that I've become the ambassador of the Olympic Games! — has cried out Bilan. — I appeal to all my fans: get up on skis, join mega-project "Sochi-2014"! "We are able to surprise the world — "Eu-rovision" in Moscow proved it once again. We head for Sochi!"

«The responsible mission of ambassadors is to tell to the world about those positive changes, which the winter Games, first in the history of our country, will bring, — the president of Organizing committee »Sochi-2014", Dmitry Chernyshenko, has commented.

"Sochi is a future tenor"
Valery Gergiev, the art director, the director and the main conductor of the State academic Maryinsky Theater:

To be the ambassador of the Olympic Games is pleasant, honourable and interesting. It seems to me, that everybody who can bring a feasible mite, should make it resolutely and desperately. We are not builders and designers, of course, but, together with organizers of Games, we will certainly manage to solve questions of reputation and trust. The world should believe that we will carry out these Olympic games on a top-level. Annually we perform with various musicial groups in 20-25 countries. Often important people attend our concerts — from the emperor ofJapan and the king of Spain to the president or the prime minister of any country.

My mission is to tell the world about the Games which will express the character of Russia. I'm sure, that for some years Sochi is going to be one of the main, if not the main tenor for everybody, who thinks of the future of Russia, and I use all possibilities for advancement of this event.



"Russia will show what it is gifted i"
Alexander Zubkov, the best bobsleighing sportsman of 2008 by results of a World Cup. The 4-fold prize-winner of the World championships of 2003, 2005 and 2008, the vice-champion of the Olympic Games of 2006 in Turin in fours, the repeated champion of Europe:

The Olympic Games in Sochi for millions of people is the long-awaited event. For me it is a great honour and enormous responsibility to represent the kind of sports. Moreover, we often perform in different countries of the world, but we have never been the owners of the Games. To be the ambassador of the Olympic Games is responsible mission: he should take part in different meetings, actions, represent the Games and propagandise sports and healthy way of life. At any opportunity, during the dialogue with journalists, sportsmen from other countries, I will tell about preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi — I am proud of such possibility. As well as many Russian sportsmen, I set my hopes on the Games in Sochi. Russia should show what it is ready for, what level we have reached, organise and hold the Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi with unique inherent national colour.


"Krasnaya Polyana will eclipse Courchevel"
Vladimir Lebedev, the bronze prize-winner on freestyle of the Olympic Games in Turin, the Honoured Master of Sports of Russia:

I was pleased with the offer to be the ambassador of the Olympic Games. I'll do my best to justify the trust given to me. The presentation of our main Olympic project «Sochi-2014» on May 15th in the Eurohouse (during organisation of «Eurovi-sion»), where gathered all the ambassadors of the Sochi Olympic Games, was the unique event in which I took part as the ambassador of the Olympic Games. The plan of events for autumn-winter season is being formed now. I'm sure, that the Games of 2014 will help to make freestyle more popular in Russia, and for Russian sportsmen — to make themselves known in the world. I hope, that in 2014 I will be able to bring a gold medal to our country. Also, I think, that the Olympic Games will give a powerful incentive to advancement of Russia and, particularly, Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana as a resort. Nowadays, Sochi gets enormous investments into its infrastructure, and after the Olympic Games, I am assured, it will be expensive and elite resort of world level, like Courchevel.


"Games will become unforgettable show"
Olga Andrianova, the senior trainer of the women Russian national curling team, the Honoured trainer of Russia, the president of curling Federation of Russia:

— We were glad to recieve the offer to become the ambassadors of the Games. However, now it is double responsibility: we do not only represent the great state with great sports history at the competitions, but also, we represent the country, where the Olympic Games will take place. I think, that it is the common mission of all sportsmen, all Russians, and we are honourably performing it. The Sochi Olympic Games can play the enormous role in the country life. We have never held sports events on such scale, except the Olympic Games-80, which did not get expected scope, because of boycott of the majority of the West countries. The Olympic Games-2014, undoubtedly, will play enormous role in the strengthening of Russia on international scene. I think, that, despite difficult financial situation and other problems, we can hold the Olympic Games appropriately: we are the strong nation. I'm sure: The Games in Sochi will become unforgettable show!

Author: Vitaly Dorofeyev