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Cheers! Volunteers

¹ 4 (2009)
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Top management of Russia is explicit: «Voluntarism — is the great political work and finally the question of political stability».

«It is already necessary today to unite efforts ofvarious departments, that in five years experts of the international level work at the Games in Sochi — the president of Organizing committee »Sochi-2014", Dmitry Chernyshenko declared. — That kind the world will see our Olympic Games, depends on people who will receive visitors of competitions". A lot ofvisitors are expected — 1,5 million people, apart from 150 thousand of participants. It is planned to involve 75 thousand volunteers.

Authors of the project «Sochi-2014» do not hide their ambitions: to involve in volunteer program all regions of the country. «Mostly, the work ofvolunteers will be connected with the general atmosphere of the Olympic Games — Dmitry Medvedev is assured — This is the great political work, and, finally, the question of political stability».


Campaign for the revival of student building teams has begun at the suggestion of the president ofRussian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev.

«The idea of student building teams is well-forgotten old good thing, wrongly lost in 1990-th», — has declared Ruslan Gattarov, the chairman of political council of the All-Russian public organisation «Molodaya Gvardiya» «The Government of the Russian Federation has already introduced the bill, that permits them to have lawful status, which gives the right to recieve state support and orders for building» — has noted the vice-speaker of the State Duma, Svetlana Zhurova. In the middle ofMay students took part in contest for working on Olympic objects in Sochi. In June the first teams, who won the contest would go to the capital of XXII white Olympic Games. They will be involved, in particular, into the construction of the combined highway and railway from Adler to the mountainous resort «Apica-service». This summer 5 thousand students will go to Sochi, their monthly salary will average 25 thousand roubles.

Author: Sergey Derkachev