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If you wish to be healthy — play sports!

¹ 4 (2009)
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According to the set of prime minister Vladimir Putin, the number of Russians, who play sports regularly, should double — up to 44 million persons.

On June, 22nd the presidium of the government of Russian Federation approved the project «Strategy of development of physical training and sports in Russian Federation till 2020».

The strategy problem-minimum is to create conditions for regular visiting of gyms, stadiums and so forth by Russians, the problem-maximum is to raise the status of Russia as sports' state. — «The development of fashion for sports and healthy way of life in Russia — it is the improvement of citizens' state of health, extension of life expectancy, and, as a matter of fact, development of main heritage — the human capital», — prime minister Vladimir Putin has declared. The strategy will be implemented in two stages — from 2009 to 2015 and from 2016 to 2020, as the head of Minisrty of Sports of Russian Federation, Vitaly Mutko, has explained. During the first stage there should be constructed 4 thousand sports objects. According to Vitaly Mutko, in the nearest future Russia will need to train not less than 3,5 thousand sportsmen, who will represent the country in 45 Olympic kinds of sports. Vladimir Putin has given the set: quantity of Russians, who play sports regularly, should double. Namely: from present 22 million up to 44 million persons.

Author: Sergey Pavlov, Ekaterina Minakova