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Olympic reserve

¹ 4 (2009)
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Young athletes talk about their plans for the future.

“Olympic prize means more than award"
Vladimir Tsikalo, 1999, hockey:

— The Olympic Games for hockey team are the possibility to show congruence and skill of players. For me, the team captain, it is very important.

Olympic Games in Sochi mean that we will have new modern sports stadiums made for winter kinds of sports. Not all hockey players have possibility to train now. But the most important thing is that during the Olympic Games in Sochi we wil be able to prove that Russia is the strongest hockey power. The victory in the Olympic Games gives glory, and the dearest to any sportsman, Olympic prize. As if it embodies all your aspiration for a victory, hours-long trainings, merits of your trainer. Though, I do not know, which prize exactly is given at the Games, but all the same. I would like to get it.

"The Olympic Games are the synonym of the highest skill"
Yuliya Zavgorodnyaya, 1992, weight lifting:

— I have been in sports since nine years old, I wish to get to superleague in the nearest future, and then, to get to the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games — are the synonym of the highest sports skill. To become the participant of the Games, it is necessary to train enthusiastically a lot, and fill up your credit with outstanding sports results. Carrying out of the White Olympic Games in Sochi has enormous value for the whole country, because it raises its international authority manyfold. The victory at the Olympic Games is the dream of each sportsman. The personal merit of the Olympian and the contribution of its trainer are joined in it. When our sportsman stands on the highest step of a podium, Russian tricolour is hoisted in honour of his victory, and all the Olympic stadium rises, listening to a hymn of Russia. It is worth living and winning for the sake of such moments.

"To cut off all the excess"
Maksim Vitukhin, 1993, boat racing:

— The real sport passion I felt after a victory in competitions of the Rostov region, though I am in boat racing since I am 10 years old. When I learnt, that Sochi would be the centre of winter Olympic Games-2014, I felt pride for my country. After all, Russia has deserved this right. The Olympic Games are the culmination of any sportsman biography. The victory in such competitions deals with main sport achievements. Just like the sculptor creates a sculpture, cutting off a marble piece all the excess, so, in sports it is possible with the help of will power and purposeful trainings «to make oneself» and to become the Olympian. Participation in the Games is necessary to deserve. It is necessary to work hard for this. The victory and awareness of the fact that nobody in the world is stronger than you, that you are on the peak of the sports trajectory, — and have earned the right to this happiness in full, will be your award.

"To run forward, dreaming of a victory"
Anastacia Nikolaenko, 1991, track and field athletics:

— I have been going in for track and field athletics since I am eight years old. My trainer and father — the hereditary athlete, has brought me into this kind of sports.

I am very purposeful person, and run — it is aspiration for victory, that gives a sense of flight. Last year I showed excellent result in the championship of Russia in Vladimir, I broke the Don record in run on long distances. I was the first in run on 1500 and 3000 metres distances. Recently I have got the 2 place in track and field athletics championship of South Federal region. I dream to be a member of Olympic team and to bring to Russia many awards. To run forward, thinking only of result, about finish, about the gold medal on my neck — it is possible to win any competitions, even in the Olympic Games, only with such zeal.

"To train flat out"
Alexander Evgenyev, 1992, hurdles:

—The fact, that track and field athletics is my calling, I felt when I was 10 years old, when I got on the first training by c hance. At o nce it bec ame clear to me, that I can achieve good results in this kind of sports. Since t hat t i me I have taken part in the South Federal region and Russia championships, always taking prize-winning places. Now I follow to very intense schedule: I am preparing for the World track and field athletics championship, which will take place on July, 8th. I try to train flat out during my 4-6-hour trainings to show the best, I'm capable of. When I am o n a distance, for me the main thing is just to run, without thinking of anything, even of a victory. I'm sure, that sportsmen on the threshold of the Olympic Games prepare fo r the start with the same devotion.