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Natalia Klimova  

Sochi-2014: Olympic arithmetics

¹ 5 (2009)
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We offer you the training for the Olympics in the figures.

195,3 billion roubles — the specified cos! of building of sports objects and infraslructure to the Sochi Olympic Games.
9,8 thousand persons are working now on Sochiobjects.
600 thousand roubles have received the besl of sludent's building teams, working in Sochi this year.
$550 million — the sum of the sponsors' contracts already concluded by Organizing committee «Sochi-2014».
50 million cubic metres of rubble Abkhazia is ready to purvey for the Olympic building.
490 billion roubles — expenses for preparation for the Games-2014, including development of Sochi as a mountainous resort.
14,3 billion roubles will save the budget on the Olympic project at~the expense of attraction of great amount of private inveslments.
170,8 billion roubles will make property payment of the tfate to the «Olympstroy» company till 2014.
The quantity of visitors of capital of XXII White Olympic Games has increased by 17% in 2009.
46 billion roubles — a limit of capital inve&ments of the Russian Railways in Olympic objects this year.
40% of Russians should be regularly involved in physical culture and sports by 2020.