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Vitaliy Dorofeev, Sergey Derkachev, Denis Savelyev  
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Nikita Logvinov, Denis Savelyev  
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Sergey Derkachev  
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Vitaliy Dorofeyev  
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Ludmila Bobrova, Irina Rodina  
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Natalia Klimova  

Maksim Fyodorov, editor-in-chief of the Publishing House «MediaYug»: to force to shine again

¹ 5 (2009)
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«How, in your opinion, representatives of the international community treat the ambitions of Russia to carry out the best Olympic Games in history?» — the «Reporter» asked the visitors of site www.stroyolimpic.ru. «Consider, that Russians can make it», — answered 39%. «Consider, that Russians will not have not enough money for it», — declared 11%. «Consider, that it will be prevented by a lack of experts», — specified 6%. At the same time every fifth — 22% — chose a variant «Consider, that process will stop because of excessive bureaucracy» and the same number — «Consider, that all will depend on unity of Russians round new "national idea"». On the one hand, the results of the poll can be regarded as the evidence of optimistic attitude of Russians to the intentions of their own country to repeat, and better to surpass the success of holders of XXIX summer Olympic Games, which were held in August last year in Beijing. Representatives of Heavenly.

Empire have literally reached heavens, and not only in respect of the organisation of the Games, but also by the results of national team performance. On the other hand, almost every second respondent (44%, if to sum up answers of the last two variants) had let know, that the triumph of Russia in Sochi-2014 depends, first of all, on the country itself. To tell more precisely, on its «supervising and directing». Really: who should give «the last and a decisive battle» to bureaucrats? The power. Who should unite the nation round the cherished purpose? The power itself.

Thereupon, the other interrogation on the site www. stroyolimpic.ru is interesting: «How can activization of the higher Russian power result in the field of today youth policy?». Optimistic answers were less than 30%: Work with youth will become less formalized — 6%; the number of the young people going in for sports and leading healthy way of life will increase — 17%; the youth will receive stimulus to continue studying in secondary and higher educational institutions, to do public work — 6%. Whereas, almost three fourth (74%) appealed to the power again: «this is the next campaign, therefore after some splash, activity of "youth" officials will fade away» — 50%; «to count on the present result, it is necessary to reconsider a lot of federal and regional laws concerning "youth" themes» — 22%.

In other words, venturing big deal, it is necessary to begin with the small. You will necessarily learn what to begin with, having read this issue of the «Reporter». «I saw what Russians are capable of as regards sports, — it is huge and strong country», — declared one of the heroes of issue — the president of the IOC, Jacque Rogge. We will consider this praise as advance payment to Russia on behalf of international community, which should change its attitude to us — from indulgent to respectful, and better enthusiastic, having seen the triumph of our sportsmen in Sochi in four and half a year. Of course, if we really want it and aspire to it.