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«Sochi — yes!»

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 2063

100-year-old anniversary of Sochi, second anniversary of application victory in Guatemala, activization of ambassadors and volunteers, start of socially-humanitarian programs — the summer of 2009 appeared to be rich with events in life of XXII White Olympic Games capital.

Never have the rest

On June, 14th Sochi celebrated its century anniversary. «I will work day and night, so that citizens of Sochi would live happily», — the mayor of a city, Anatoly Pahomov, has promised. He tried to deny some myths. The first: the rest in Sochi is very expensive pleasure. «IRecently, it was possible to tell that it was so, — Pahomov agreed. — However, a lot of measures, which solve this problem, have been taken now. If last year it costed 30 thousand roubles a day for a person to live in five-stars hotel «Rodina», today the price of standard room is 8 thousand roubles a day. And the prices in two and three-stars sanatoria have gone 30% down this year. No more expensive, than abroad».

The second myth: the rest in Sochi is disturbed by Olympic building. On assurance of the mayor, building is really being carried out, but not to the detriment of the population. «Olympic Games-2014 are necessary to all Russia, but we, the citizens of Sochi, need it most of all, — Alexander Pahomov insists. — Thanks to the Olympic Games the city will become favorable for living, the infrastructure will change».

Skiing track stars

On July, 5th 30 thousand inhabitants and visitors of a resort became the participants of festival «Sochi — YES!», devoted to the second anniversary of the Russian Olympic application victory in Guatemala.

In the meantime, the glorified Russian sportsmen — champions and prize-winners of Olympic Games of different years have landed at the lower station of a ropeway of complex «Grant Hotel Polyana», where the skiing Olympic track of Sochi-2014 begins, and have laid personal marble stars.

Personally it was made by Alexander Karelin (Greco-Roman wrestling), Svetlana Gladysheva (alpine skiing), Galina Gorokhova (fencing), Alexander Tikhonov (biathlon) and Vladislav Tretyak (hockey); on behalf of the president of the Russian Olympic committee,. Leonid Tyagachev — the Olympic diving champion, vice-president of the ROC, Vladimir Vasin.

And in alpine skiing resort «Rosa Khutor», sports legends continued the last year tradition of fir avenue planting. This year appeared young trees with nameplates of Olga Zaytseva, Svetlana Ishmura-tova, Alexander Karelin, Igor Ter-Ovanesyan.

The stela-guide

Olympic stela with the emblems of all cities — holders of winter Olympic Games, was opened near «Riviera»park in Sochi. Authors of the project notice, that it can become not less symbolic place of a resort, than flower clock before the Southern pier, counting time to the beginning of XXII White Olympic Games. «Looking at new stela, inhabitants of Sochi and visitors of a resort can learn without the help of guidebooks in what cities and countries winter Games took place and what is the distance between their capitals, — comment in mayor's office. — Stela points to 12 cities, each of them is informal twin-city of Sochi. After all Olympic capitals are united by great idea of good, peace and humanism for which there are no frontiers and distances».

It is seen, that the number of Sochi twin-cities will grow soon. Plenipotentiary ambassador of Guatemala Republic in Russian Federation Arturo Romeo Duarte Ortiz came to the city with friendly visit. «I have wished to visit Sochi for a long time, I planned this visit, — he admitted. — I hope, it will help not only to strengthen friendly relations, but also to make the scheme of the further dialogue».

On behalf of «Cult» hockey player Alexander Ovechkin has joined the ranks of ambassadors of the Sochi Olympic Games. «For me, as for hockey player, it is a great honour to become the ambassador of the Games, which will be held in my motherland, — he told. — As the sportsman, I will try to do the utmost, that Olympic gold in hockey went to our country. And being the ambassador, I would do my best, so that the Games were held at the highest level». Alexander Ovechkin plays in National hockey league for Washington Capitals. The World champion among youth (2003). The silver prize-winner of the World championship among youth (2005). The World champion (2008). The best beginner of NHL of 2006. One of few hockey players, who managed to score 200 goals and to make 200 goal passes during the first four seasons in NHL. Earlier, figure skating world champions, Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, became the ambassadors of the Olympic Games-2014, leaders of the Russian national teams: in bobsleighing — Alexander Zubkov and in freestyle — Vladimir Lebedev, Russian national hockey and curling teams, conductors Yury Bashmet and Valery Gergiev, singer Dima Bilan.

Kostya Tszyu's knockout to indifference

«We want Sochi to become famous not only for the Olympic Games, but also for the sportsmen. For this purpose the sports centre in my name will be constructed in city», — the world boxing champion in WBC, WBA, IBF versions, the champion of Europe among amateurs, the double winner of the youthful boxing championships Konstantin Tszyu presented. The mayor's office gave 58 plots in different areas of a resort to choose from for building of the centre. Tszyu arrived to Sochi within the framework of charitable sports automobile race «Together with Kostya Tszyu!», which route passed through the cities of Moscow, Tula, Tambov, Kamyshin, Volgograd, Elista, Rostov-on-Don, Maykop, Krasnodar, Sochi and Novorossiysk. The automobile race purposes are: the propaganda of healthy way of life among youth, the development of the higher achievements in sport among gifted children, social adaptation of problem teenagers by means of playing sports, the formation of teenagers active civic ground. «Building of boxing schools will help to knock out indifference and to foster love for sports», — legendary Tszyu has promised.

Sochi says: «Welcome!»

The institute of a regional policy has developed the program concept «Sochi is a hospitable city». The director of institute Bulat Stolyarov has told, that a program main purpose is the creation of hospitable atmosphere in the city, in work of urban services, hotels and medical services,

public catering, retail trade and education. According to developers, educational and cultural level of population, safety and comfort level of tourists are the factors influencing tourist preferences, and finally — the demand.

Where Olympic staff is formed

By the order of the Government of the Russian Federation it was founded the Independent noncommercial organisation «Russian International Olympic University» (RIOU). Its co-founders are Ministry of Sports, Organizing committee «Sochi-2014», Olympic committee of Russia, «Interros» joint-stock company. The president of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» Dmitry Chernyshenko informed, that new high school is provided with both commercial programs and grant training system. The term of training will not exceed two years. The main directions of preparation will be: management of sports objects; management of sports actions; management of media in sports; the government and sports diplomacy; management of sportsmen talents. The first students of RIOU will practice at the Games-2014.

Volunteer web

Participants of the All-Russian educational forum «Seliger-2009» will work as volunteers during the Sochi Olympic Games. The director of management of human resources of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014», Marina Pakhomkina, thinks, that there will be more than 25 thousand.

For now, another volunteer project — internet source «SochiReporter» (www. sochireporter.ru), has started in Sochi. «By this project we set a problem of gathering the archive of interesting text materials, photos, audio and video-reportings about preparation of the city to the forthcoming Olympic Games», — the expert of education management of city administration, Tatyana Dyomina told. All participants of the project are students of the Sochi high schools — both humanitarian faculties, and IT. Monthly competitions on the best publication, video and picture will be held among the participants of «SochiReporter». The most active, creative and initiative volunteers will be recommended to leading regional and federal mass-media.

Author: Vitaliy Dorofeev, Sergey Derkachev, Denis Savelyev