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The moment of truth

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 2019

For national pride of Olympic Games not to turn out to be national shame, the higher Russian power undertook the main obligations to finance the preparations for he Games-2014.

The faster you go — the further you will be

In spring 2009 vice-premier of the government of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Kozak informed on the planned start of mass Olympic building. Then the statement sounded: «From the point of view of the beginning of building of the main objects in Sochi, we go carried out ahead a year in comparison with the organisation of all the Games, which we had spent recently». «We know, that as soon as you start to do any things slowly, everything starts to move much more slowly», — president Dmitry Medvedev has noticed.

In Olympic «portfolio» there are 218 sports and infrastruc-tural objects. Four ice palaces, alpine skiing resort «Rosa Khutor», the sea cargo port «Mzymta», two cargo freight yards, a complex of tunnels on the combined highway and railway line Adler — alpine resort «Alpika-Service», the second Sochi TES turn, highway Dzhubga — Sochi, circumurban Sochi road, the Adler interchange are under construction now. First turns of a sports-tourist complex «Gornaya Karusel» and a railway cargo freight yard, substation «Poselkovaya» are already put into operation. But it is not enough for «Olympic» officials. It is important for them to show to domestic, and even more, to international public, the realisation of the project «Sochi-2014» in dynamics. In summer «Olympstroy» company concluded two new agreements.

The first — with «Slavoblast» company — about financing of designing and building works on demountable ice arena for curling by capacity of 3 thousand spectators. In 2011 the object should be put into operation, and in October of 2012 and February of 2013 it will take part in national and international test competitions. Negotiations with the western experts having «great experience» in designing and building of Olympic objects are now carried on. Another agreement — with the Ural mining and smelting industrial complex («UGMK-HOLDING»): it undertook obligations to continue work on construction of small ice arena, by capacity of 7 thousand spectators and is intended for ice hockey games. «Huge financial load will be taken off the federal budget: the economy will make more than 3 billion roubles», — the president of «Olympstroy», Tajmuraz Bolloev, is satisfied.

Air bags

However, the real dynamics is not seen yet, and the state comes to the foreground, throwing corporations on the Olympic embrasure. In the beginning of 2009, functions of crediting of Sochi objects were given to Vnesheconombank (VEB). It is supposed, that this year «Olympic» VEB credits will make 29 billion roubles. They will go on financing of sports objects, and also transport and engineering infrastructure. Among them — alpine skiing resort «Rosa Khutor», sea cargo port and the international airport in Sochi. Last two objects, which crisis had struck especially painfully, «are fixed» to the company «Basovy element». VEB came to the rescue of Oleg Deripaska, having opened two credit lines for a total sum of 9,4 billion roubles.

Another state bank — Sberbank — it did not only open credit line of 2,5 billion roubles for building of the third turn of a sports-tourist complex «Gornaya Karusel» to «Krasnaya Polyana», but also became the official partner of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» with a sponsor's package over $100 million One more «magic wand» — «Gazprom» company, which should construct ski complex by capacity of 16 thousand seats in Sochi, including four-stars complex of 600 rooms, mountain-tourist centre, rope-ways, alpine slopes, objects of engineering and transport infrastructure and also a gas pipeline of Dzhubga— Lazarevskoye — Sochi, the part of which will go at the bottom of Black sea.

Optimisation against proficiency

Cost of building of Olympic objects and infrastructure constantly varies. Last figures, — 206 ģėšä roubles, however, in august Dmitry Kozak proclaimed new figures — 195,3 billions. It was possible to save more than 10 billion roubles thanks to optimisation of expenses on preparation for the Games, and to attraction of new investors. As a necessity of rational use of means of taxpayers, the decisions to make three of five ice palaces of «a demountable kind» are made, and also to refuse building of the second cargo port. The cost of question — 6 billion roubles in the first case and 8 billion — in the second.

Optimisation extends also on Organizing committee «Sochi-2014». «We have made the decision that in 2009-2010 the Organizing committee will not receive grants from the federal budget», — vice-premier Alexander Zhukov declared. According to his calculations, it will allow to save 2,7 billion roubles at today's proficiency of Organizing committee of 4 billions.

The president of the Organizing committee Dmitry Chernyshenko explained this phenomenon by «successful marketing policy», which allowed to conclude sponsor's contracts for the sum of more than $500 million since January, 2009. «We have set ourselves rather ambitious aims — to break all records on attraction of partners to the Games, — declared Dmitry Chernyshenko. — Our aim is — 1 billion dollars».

«Not to pilfer the project for departmental apartments»

«I have agents too, — Dmitry Medvedev dotted i's. — And everybody says, that there are a lot of endorsements. Frequently they are senseless. It is necessary to control, that departments could not pilfer the project for apartments». «There are a lot of endorsements, — confirmed Dmitry Kozak, — business needs to be released from them». The Vice-premier announced, that by the autumn, president Council on physical culture and sports should prepare changes in the current legislation, on the assumption of lessons of construction of the largest objects, including those for the Olympic Games.

The main Olympic objects 

Object name

Number of seats

Object name

Number of seats

Biathlon complex


Ski complex


 Alpine centre


Tobogganing and bobsleighing track


Small ice arena for ice hockey


Ice sports palace for figure skating and short-track competitions


 Covered skating centre


Big ice arena for ice hockey


Central stadium


Ice arena for curling


Complex of springboards Ź-125, Ź-95






Olympic village in the nizhneimeretinskaya valley


Olympic village near Krasnaya Polyana


Author: Maxim Fedorov