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Olympic Games-2014: possibilities and risks

¹ 5 (2009)
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«Olympic Reporter» offers you the expert opinion on the preparations for the Sochi Olympics.

Jacque Rogge, the president of the International Olympic committee: «I saw what Russians are capable of»

— We regularly send experts to supervise the preparation for winter Games-2014. Organizers notice that, despite the great work, which is to be done, it is quite possible. I saw what Russians are capable of as regards sports, — it is huge and strong country. We shouldn't underestimate great love of Russian for sports, their pride for the right to carry out the Olympic Games. Giving winter Games to Sochi, we knew that it would be the ambitious project. The will and enthusiasm of citizens of the great country give the reason to assert, that XXII White Olympic Games would be prepared and carried out at the highest level.

Maxim Klyagin, the analyst of «Finam-Management» company: «Market risks would not affect the olympic games»

— At the absence of mass solvent demand, deficiency of liquidity, reduction of possibilities on attraction of extra financing and, as consequence, proceeding correction of the prices, many building market operators are compelled to optimise business processes as much as possible, to refuse earlier planned projects, which are at the early stage of realisation. Similar tendencies have infringed on Olympic building also. At the same time, in our opinion, market risks hardly affect the projects realised in Sochi. The state repeatedly declared the intention to guarantee the compliance with the planned terms and scales of realisation of all infrastructural projects, connected with carrying out of the Olympic Games.

Vladimir Putin, the prime-minister of the Russian Federation: «Problems are created by bureaucracy and prices»

— We like inspectors of the IOC very much, of course, but they are independent experts, they are absolutely neutral and are extremely interested in the positive result of preparation for the Olympic Games-2014. To a considerable extent I am guided by opinion of members the IOC, I meet them regularly. Another thing worries me: the prices and bureaucracy, which create problems. There are a lot of interested persons wishing «to line their pockets» in the Olympic project like in any projects of such scale. However, the Public Prosecutor's Office established the due control, law-enforcement bodies work consistently and rigidly enough,. I hope for their support in the future.

Pavel Bure, the hockey player, silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games-1998: «The Games will bring benefit to Russia»

— I am sure, that Russia will put up a good show on the Olympic Games-2014. If I have possibility — I will go to Sochi by plane. It is the faster way. I used to go there by car — memories are not so good. But, judging by scale of building works, which are now made in Sochi and around it, times change. I am sure. That the city infrastructure will be at world level by the Olympic Games. Both roads, and hotels, sportsmen and fans will appreciate it. In general, the Olympic Games should bring only benefit to Russia — to raise the prestige of power, to strengthen authority of domestic sports and to make life of people more comfortable and joyful.

Anatoly Tikhonov, the first deputy of the chairman of Vnesheconombank: «Money will not be buried in ditch»

 — A year ago any Olympic project looked like very optimistic, and many banks financed them with pleasure. But today these projects look not so attractively, first of all because of the long time of recoupment. VEB does not stand for private investors, but becomes their creditor only. We will supervise not only cash flow, but also physical volumes of building. The allocated money will allow to observe the terms established by «the Olympic calendar», and «will not be buried in ditch». In the history of modern Russia it is the first case, when both financing, and control are concentrated in one structure.

Anton Sikharulidze, the Olympic figure skating champion: «We will find resources and generate ideas»

— Last season our team was unsuccessful in winter kinds of sports. Now we try to analyse defects, which were made in course of preparation. I hope, we will make sound conclusions and will be fully armed to the Olympic Games in Vancouver and Sochi. Organising committee «Sochi-2014» will manage to prepare the best Games in the history. No economic difficulties will prevent us — we will find resources and generate ideas to overcome these difficulties. In a certain time the national idea appears to be claimed in the society — and now it has appeared.

Bulat Stolyarov, the director of Institute of regional policy: «Long-term credits for reasonable rates»

 — The financial crisis, which has led to inaccessibility of credit resources, to falling of assets cost, certainly, is capable of creation of some difficulties for the project «Sochi-2014». First of all, it will affect readiness of private investors to invest hundred millions and billions dollars into Olympic objects. Speaking about measures, the power could undertake for Olympic building to correspond the planned parametres, that is the security of the Russian investors with long-term credits under reasonable rates. And, as far as I understand, the government moves in this direction.

Sergey Bagapsh, the president of Abkhazia: «There are a lot of possibilities for Sochi in Abkhazia»

— Today there are many projects where we work together with the Russian businessmen. I would name with pleasure surnames of these businessmen, but they do not want, to be advertised. It concerns also the preparations for the Games-2014. For Olympic objects it is required 120 million cubic metres of rubble. Sochi does not have it, neither does Krasnodar region, to carry it from Turkey is expensive. We can purvey about 40–50 million cubic metres of rubble. Also we are ready to deliver finishing stone. We will give our sea ports for transportation of cargoes. We will allocate territory for building concrete knots and asphalt factories… There are a lot of possibilities for the organizers of the Sochi Olympic Games in Abkhazia.