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«Olympstroy»: reload

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 1882

According to logic of government officials, the fate of the Olympic Games depends on state corporation reformatting.

It took two years for curators of the project «Sochi-2014» to be convinced of wrong decision to wind up the federal target program (FTP) «the Development of the city of Sochi as a mountainous resort» and to create the «Olymp-stroy» state corporation on its platform. Thereby, officials actually admitted the justice of popular wisdom:«The best is the enemy of the good». On July, 31st, 2009 three key ministries of the Russian government — Ministry of region development, Ministry of economic development and trade and Ministry of Finance — got the errand from prime minister Vladimir Putin to transform the program of building of Olympic objects in FTP.

«Olympstroy» state corporation was organised on October, 30th, 2007 — in three and half a month after the victory of Sochi application in Guatemala. The state corporation form was considered to be more effective in the government in comparison with the federal target program: within the framework of FTP, budget money, as usual, were allocated not in the beginning, but in the middle of the year; so, ministry had not time to draw this money and was compelled to return them back. The state corporation drew state assignments without timing to calendar accordingly to its own schedule.

«Life made me to return to a lawful channel, — "Vedomosti" quote the employee of Ministry of region development. — When we won the right for carrying out the Olympic Games, we transformed FTP to the governmental program in a hurry, and money were gone, taking their normal course. Such thing would be impossible with FTP — there it is told clearly, how much the object costs, and the sum for building is proved". The reaction of «Olympstroy» workers on future reformatting varied from reserved and neutral to categorical. «Digitization of objects of the program is necessary for increasing the transparency of building, — "the Olympic" vice-premier, the chairman of supervisory board of «Olympstroy», Dmitry Kozak agreed. «Any experiments on the Olympic project, will lead only to negative consequences», — the president of «Olympstroy», Taymuraz Bolloev declared. The founder of brewing company «Baltic», businessman Bolloev became the third president of «Olympstroy» after the ex-head of «Transneft» Semyon Weinstock and the ex-mayor of Sochi, Victor Kolodyazhny. «I believe, that you will work wholeheartedly, and will achieve results on which we count», — Vladimir Putin wished to Taymuraz Bolloev in June handing on the "Olympstroy" baton». Special attention is paid to all state corporations recently. However, considering the scale and the importance of the project «Sochi-2014», special demands are made to «Olympstroy». Supervisors believe, that «Olympstroy»" will not bee closed, however, it will lose some independence and money.

According to plan of authors of the reformatting, all Olympic buildings should be united in one program and given to one customer, most likely to the Ministry of region development. «It should be a state customer. Life has shown that executors will not manage such project», — considers the FTP partner, Igor Nikolaev.

Mr registrar

Victor Kolodyazhny's new appointment appeared a matter of time. After two and a half a month after resignation from a post of president of «Olympstroy» state corporation, he was appointed the chief of the department of Federal registration service in Krasnodar region. Kolodyazhny-registrar was presented to the managing staff on August, 17th by assistant director of Federal Agency of the state registration, cadastre and cartography, Yury Akinshin. It is not known what words he addressed to the newly made colleague, and how did the staff accept the newly made chief. But it is known, that after three days of work, Victor

Kolodyazhny met the governor of Krasnodar region, Alexander Tkachev and «told him about his work intentions at the new place». Why to Tkachev? Probably, at first, because management is located on territory, which is within the jurisdiction of the governor. But the main thing is that Kolodyazhny and Tkachev are tied by long-term teamwork in corridors of the Kuban power.

«During the meeting, the governor, in particular, noticed, that the main trouble of registration management are huge turns, — quotes the regional administration press-service. — It is a long-term problem, and the previous heads could not solve it». Tkachev-governor would like to see «adequate decisions and high professionalism» from Kolodyazhny- the registrar. In his turn, Kolodyazhny visited «many branches of the department» and declared, that he «intends to change essentially» work organisation in them: «Of course, I have a claim on our organization! I gather registrars from all regions to set clear task for them — there should be no turns! But the main task I've set to management today, is a daily control over work of branches. By means of system of a videoconfer-ence, which we are going to make, I will see, how the service of people in each department goes».

State property contribution to the «Olympstroy» state corporation


 Billion roubles


 Billion roubles
















Author: Maksim Fyodorov