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Southern climate, nothern wind

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 1939

It is possible to judge about the actions of new chief architect of «Olympstroy» state company from his first statement: «The Sochi objects lay-out project lacks integrity and linkage of details».

Experts have reason to speak: now «Petersburg lays a key role not only in Moscow. Oleg Harchenko is appointed new chief architect of «Olympstroy» state company, holding the same post in St.Petersburg. «This appointment has been ripening for a long time, — commented in «Olympstroy». — Common concept is necessary for such scale building, and Harchenko's great experience in town-planning will help us to make it».

Before, Oleg Harchenko «observed with a great interest, how the preparation for the Olympic Games goes, but he had no plans for it» Now he is given carte blanche on town-planning decisions for the Olympic building territory. Also Harchenko will be engaged in modernisation of Sochi; 80% of finances are set aside for this purpose from money allocated by «Olympstroy» for national megaproject.

Just having been given assignment, Oleg Harchenko dared to declare, that Sochi objects lay-out project lacks integrity and linkage of details. Harch-enko warned, that because of the lack of time, sports objects architectural competitions will be hardly spent, nevertheless, he expressed hope, that «architectural masterpieces» will be necessarily among them. Harchenko sees in his command both Moscow, and Petersburg architects. The last can be more for obvious reasons. As he admitted, his candidacy «was approved»(«exactly approved») by the present president of «Olympstroy» Taymuraz Bolloev, the head of the brewing company «Baltica» in the past, having Petersburg residence permit. Now, experts predict, their numbers will grow. Harchenko does not exclude somebody's arrival from top-managers fellow-townsman to «Olympstroy».

Author: Artem Vasilyev