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Nobody wants to risk the success

¹ 1 (2008)
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Sport in Russia again became more than just a sport. The Russian government is trying to restore what was lost in 90s by stimulating athletes both morally and financially. The fans became more active as well, and show genuine pride of the achievements of our football, hockey and basketball players… Does that mean that national sport is reviving? Will the government support athletes during upcoming events, including the Sochi Olympic Games of 2014? What results should they expect?

«…Our sport is begining to be respected…»

Vladimir Plyuschev, the former chief hockey coach of the Russian Team:

«Our sport has been alive for quite a while now. We are on the leading positions all over the world, and not only in hockey but in other events as well. Government policy is showing definite results. More attention is paid to sport, and to our athletes. And Russia is reviving, changing, standing up high. Our country is beginning to be respected and our sport as well».

«…We are taking new hights…»

Igor Kuzselev, the Director of the Regional Development Fund for winter sport events of the Rostov Region:

«Yes, the sport is reviving in Russia, more than that— it is winning new heights. The President of the figure skating alliance proposed to create a training center in Rostov by the end of the constructions of the new ice skating rings in the Southern Federal Region. While construction might take up four more years, we already have two ice-skating rings in Rostov-on-Don and Novocherkassk with the totally staffed coaching teams. Hosting the Junior Cup of Russia, that will represent our country in upcoming Sochi Olympic Games of 2014, was the major event, which led to the organization of the large national center for the figure skating in Rostov-on-Don».

«…We are making new foundation…»

Grigory Tvaltvadzt, a sport announcer: «I would like to believe, that the recent victories are, indeed, the reflection of a rapid development of the national sport. But, maybe, we should be careful with the statements. No doubt, the Russian sport is developing. If we can compare it to those «horrible» 90s, now we are making new foundation. I really want to believe, that the victories of «Zenit» and Russian combined hockey team are the first building blocks of a tall building. But I would not wave my flags yet, saying that the dam has been ruptured. Simply, I do not want to risk the success».

«…It is important to keep the winning traditions…»

Dmitry Svischev, the State Duma’s chairman of Committee for Physical Education and Sport, the President of Moscow Skiing Federation:

«Native sport is rising its head high: the last achievements of our athletes in different events and competitions, including the ones on the world level, allow us to speak freely about revival of the winning traditions, which were forgotten during the past 15 years. These traditions are especially important right now — they need to be known by a new generation of athletes. And it’s the Sport Federation’s duty to bring this knowledge of the great achievements of their predecessors, to the young champions and their even younger followers, to give them a sense of pride for their sport events and, at the same time, that special patriotic feeling, so inherent to the past generations».

«Right now, there is a great interest in sports in Russia»

Svetlana Gladysheva, the silver medalist in mountain skiing event, Lillehammer Olympic Games of 1994:

«Right now, there is a great interest in sports in Russia, especially in the winter sport events. One can not overestimate the influence of the Sochi Olympic Games: it made a great impact to development of sport, and drew more government attention. My main occupation for today is designing and construction of ski-resorts on Krasnaya Polyana. I am taking part in designing of lifting systems, snow-making systems, advising on a slope profiling. Krasnaya Polyana is a global and very interesting project, which will be useful to Russia even after 2014. The Sochi Olympic Games will become one more step towards reviving of Russian sport.

«…we can be the best…»

Vyacheslav Ferisov, the head of the Federal Agency for Physical Education and Sport:

«Petersburg’s «Zenit» won the UEFA Cup, the hockey combined team won the World’s Championship. What can I say — Russian sport is reviving. We are the first again, and the others are afraid of us. Why not to support this trend in the nearest future? I was in Quebec during the legendary final match between Russia and Canada, and I would like to say, that there is nothing impossible for our guys: it has been a long time since I saw such a positive attitude toward the victory, such will to fight till the end, and never mind stands and circumstances. These lads got us our «gold» back, giving us the best celebration. I believe there is a real revolution taking place inside the heads of our athletes: we can be the best no matter what can happen».