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Olympic serpentine

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 1865

«Mostotryad-10» company is an active participant in developing Olympic objects and the city of Sochi as a mountain and climatic resort. Today the company takes part in construction of two major projects — a railroad branch Adler-Krasnaya Polyana and a transport interchange «Adlerskoe Koltso».

Alexander Goloshivets, a director of the branch of OJSC «Mostotrest» in the South of Russia, gave an interview about modern technical solutions for the Olympic construction.

The facilties. For several years the company have been included in the «Olympic objects construction and development of Sochi as a mountain and climatic resort program» On the first stage the in 2008 «Mostotryad-10» has become a participant in construction of overpasses and bridges to connect the railroad station Adler and Sochi airport.

After the successful finalization of a start task, «Mostotryad-10» got an order to build a railroad branch Adler-Krasnaya Polyana of 8 km length, and this year it won a tender to build a transport interchange «Adlerskoe Koltso». The most costly and complicated «Olympic section» is a detour road of Sochi 13,3 km length with difficult engineering and geological conditions. The plan is build 11 km of overpasses and bridged on the Sochi detour road. The federal financing of the projects allows its high-speed development. The assumed 135 billion rubles will be provided for road developing.

The geography of activity of the branch office of the OJSC «Mostotryad-10» of the OJSC «Mostotrest» is Rostov region, Northern Caucasus and trans-Caucasus. The company has built the unique bridges over Don river, overpasses of great length over the road Ahura-Adler, bridges over deep canyons of Dzhemruk, Razdan and Kasakh rivers in Armenia.

Technologies. There are special demands for Sochi construction. Only drilling pile bases are used, the constructions are designed to withstand the 9 grade seismic activity, all the anti-seismic measures are taken during the construction of facilities. The materials and technologies applied meet the ecological standard.

About some problems. The biggest problem is a geographical position of all the objects: the big Sochi is still a resort place with significant flow of visitors. Among other important issues there are the resettlement of dwellers and engineering communication construction. Human resources shortage is also evident. About 1800 people are working now in construction (24 hours, watch-standing) but still it is not enough.

Moreover, new technologies use needs high-skilled employees.

344082, Rostov-on-Don, per. Khalturinsky, 74
Tel. (863) 267-69-93,
E-mail: mo10@rostov.ru