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Sochi-2014: Olympic arithmetics (1820)
Maksim Fyodorov, editor-in-chief of the Publishing House «MediaYug»: to force to shine again (2078)
«Sochi — yes!» (2068)
Vitaliy Dorofeev, Sergey Derkachev, Denis Savelyev  
To show itself (1787)
Vitaly Dorofeyev  
The moment of truth (2025)
Maxim Fedorov  
Olympic Games-2014: possibilities and risks (1775)
«Olympstroy»: reload (1887)
Maksim Fyodorov  
Southern climate, nothern wind (1939)
Artem Vasilyev  
On the earth, in heavens and in the sea (1859)
Artem Vasilyev  
«We were entrusted with the mportant mission of transport support of the Olympic Games» (1855)
Maksim Fyodorov  
Olympic serpentine (1871)
Appetite leaves while driving (1776)
Pavel Gubsky  
CJSC «Voronezhstalmost» 2 million tonns of metal constructions in 60 years (1881)
«Inhabitants of Sochi do not need patriotism inoculations» (1828)
Nikita Logvinov, Denis Savelyev  
Wellforgotten (1795)
Sergey Derkachev  
The challenge is accepted (1719)
Vitaliy Dorofeyev  
«Russia can wake up, when nobody waits for it'» (2054)
Ludmila Bobrova, Irina Rodina  
Atlantes hold the sky (2026)
This building is ventured by youth (1836)
Natalia Klimova  

KSB: quality and competence

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 1834

The world manufacturer of pumps and armature for various industries and housing and communal services became the reliable partner of the Russian enterprises.

Cooperation of the enterprises of USSR republics with concern KSB began in 1930th years. Standard chemical, process pumps faultlessly work at such enterprises, as «Ufaneftehim» «Kirishinefteorgsintez» «Kuybyshevazot» «Akron»; «Stavropolpolimer» «Nevinnomyssky azot», «Novomoskovsky azot», Novoufimsky, Syzransky, Kuyby-shevsky and Novokuybyshevsky oil-refining factories, etc. The pump equipment, pipeline armature of KSB supply inhabited blocks, office buildings, industrial enterprises with water, promote heat supply during cold time and keeping of comfortable temperature in hot months. Concern production perfectly copes with industrial, communal and municipal drains. Concern KSB proved itself in the Russian market as the reliable and competent partner. Production of all factories of the concern is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001.