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«Inhabitants of Sochi do not need patriotism inoculations»

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 1823

Perfectly realising, which advantages the Olympic Games give to the city, the overwhelming majority positively treats the prospect of carrying out the Games there, the mayor Anatoly Pakhomov assured «Reporter».

— Within the framework of preparation for the Olympic Games-2014, the program «Development of Sochi as a mountainous resort» was accepted. Is it successfully being realised?

— Program realisation goes strictly to the schedule. By the end of 2012 the building mainly will be finished, and Russia will receive in Sochi the excellent ski resort, which meets modern requirements.

— A fly in the Olympic ointment is added by the ecological organisations: they regularly declare infringements from the side of the constructors.

— Already at a stage of preparation for building, the complex of compensatory measures was developed together with the ecological organisations. Each investor or the executor develops its own program of measures, not to mention, that objects under construction undergo ecological examination in supervising authorities. Speaking about building in mountains, attracting attention of the Russian ecologists, sports objects will be erected only in recreational zones: it is legislative there. From the point of view of used materials and technologies, building will be modern and ecologically considered. In general, support of ecological safety at such-scale building is a question of interaction and reasonable compromise.

— One more irritant theme is the resettlement of citizens from Nizhneimeretinskaya lowland. How this process goes now? Did the number of displeased decrease?

— The most important thing for Sochi administration is the fact, that the interests of common citizens of Sochi were observed fully during the preparation for the Olympic Games. According to preliminary data, 1233 lots of citizens — private houses, personal small holdings and gardenings fall under the construction of the Olympic objects. But only half of these lots have buildings, namely — 574.

The schedule of building is developed for granting to citizens houses instead of the withdrawn. We need to construct about 500 private houses and 400 apartments. Building is conducted with the help of advanced technologies in extremely short terms. In 2010 almost all inhabitants will be moved to their new private houses and apartments.

— Probably, the General layout of development of Sochi, accepted recently for the period till 2032, «is saturated» by this philosophy?

— I consider the acceptance of the General layout to be the main event of last months. It defines not only strategic algorithm of development of Sochi for next years, but also «the game rules» for those who are interested in building and city authorities. There is no more chaos in town-planning sphere. Firstly, henceforth there will be no high-rise building on a coastal line. Secondly, any building in a city will be carried out strictly according to the single town-planning concept.

— Judging by number of sunbathing people on the beaches of the Black Sea coast, world crisis has not led to failure of a summer season-2009. More likely, on the contrary: Russians preferred the internal tourism to the exit. Do you believe, the tendency will remain the next years? Can we say, that it be will more and more fashionable to have a vacation in «Olympic» region?

— Really, the experience of this summer has shown that competent work helps to attract people to have a vacation here despite any crisis. In comparison with 2008, this year the number of visitors has increased by 17%.

We had no doubt about success, as the preparation for active summer season had started in winter. The result did not take long to appear — the number of vacationers had considerably increased. At the same time, there is crisis in the country, and many people on the threshold of a season spoke: God grant to us this year to live to see at least the past level… Never mind, we have coped with it. And the situation will get better.

— Whether it is easy to be the mayor of the Olympic city? What requirements would you meet, to consider the Games to be successful?

— I am proud and happy that I can supervise over the best resort of Russia during such a responsible period of its history. For me Sochi after 2014 will be as bright and original city as today, but at the same time, modern and well-planned.

Author: Nikita Logvinov, Denis Savelyev