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Russians are leading. Sport victories consolidate people better then political speeches

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The Summer Olympic Games in Peking is the next big test for the Russian combined team. Fans see them off with optimism: recent victories almost in all major events put everybody in a positive mood. But the professionals stick to the realistic outlook, and their goal for our team is to get to the first three leading positions together with American and Chinese teams.

Getting the first three positions

«We are counting on getting at least the third place among the teams. The support of the Russian government, which we can see today, is very helpful», remarked Kiseleva Maria, the Vise President of the Training Center for the Federal Agency of Physical Education and Sport, who won three gold medals in the Olympic Games in synchronized swimming.

«The financial support of the athletes today is also at a very high level: there are monetary rewards for the young athletes, grants from the Olympic Support Fund, bonuses for achieving success at the Games».

The Big Sport is growing in the regions

To keep their face, every region of Russian Federation will be trying to provide the maximum number of athletes for the upcoming Games. This is the reason why local government is not holding back on spending to support those athletes, who have potential to glorify the whole country and their minor home-land as well. «The goal of the Rostov Region is to put into the combined team just as many athletes as we did for the last Olympic Games», admits Gorbunov Sergey, the Minister of Physical Education and Sport in the Rostov Region, «thirty three athletes from our region participated in the 2004 Games in Athens and brought back 13 medals out of 92 won by Russians. Our goal today is to prepare not less than 25 members for the combined team and at the same time to win at least 8 medals in the upcoming Games in Peking. There is at least one traditionally cultivated sport event for each region, which have stimulated the development of resourceful coaching schools and from which they will be choosing representatives for the combined team. In the North Caucasus Regions the popular sport event is wrestling, in Kalmykia — chess, in the Rostov Region — rowing and swimming…

But the Sochi Olympic Games have stimulated the development of the nontraditional for the region sport events. For instance, in the South, where we didn’t see bob-slay and biathlon, skiing and freestyle in the past, today there is a construction of tramples for jumps and ice skating rings, curling and biathlon equipment is being purchased.

Setting the right moral direction

Yashin and Borzov, Turischeva and Rodina, Bubka and Tretiayak —they were the faces of the Former Soviet Union during the «cold war» period. At the beginning of this century Karelin and Nemov, Isinbaeva and Masterkova became the new faces of Russia. Who is going to take place for the next decade in the hearts of the fans? We will know it after Peking Games. But the future champions of the Sochi Olympic Games are still in training and can only dream of victories. «The Sochi Games is Russia’s claim to become the world’s leader in sport. Of course, effective organization of a global — scaled festival will raise the country’s rating, and we can certainly handle that — you just have to recall the success of the final game of the UEFA Cup and than the Championship, which were hosted in Moscow», claims the Vise President of the Training Center for the Federal Agency of Physical Education and Sport Avdeev Yuri. — But sport is much more than medals and new records, it creates the right moral direction for the youth.

Look how many young people on the streets are wearing tops and hats with the word «Russia» on them. Some few years ago we could not even dream about such patriotic mood».