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Atlantes hold the sky

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 2018

The manager of metal constructions sales service in close corporation «Energomash (Belgorod)» Igor Kuznetsov has told to «Olympic Reporter» about new unique objects constructed by the company. Not the last place among them belongs to sports constructions.

In domestic civil building time of «boxes» has come to an end. Metal constructions in public buildings became not only supporting frame, but also the element of design and architectural extravagance. Manufacture of metal constructions in Belgorod is one of the largest in the country and has been stably staying in Russian market since 1973. «Energomash» company works in close cooperation with the design and planning organisations and gives to the customer a complex of services: from designing and manufacturing of metal constructions to delivery of products to the building site and installation.

One of the most grandiose building projects of last years is the air terminal «Vnukovo-1»; its building was under the direct control of the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov. At erection of the passenger terminal of the airport, the newest technologies and modern finishing materials were used. Russian experts work quality is highly appreciated by capital management — it does not yield to the international standards at all.

From projects of industrial building of 2009 it is necessary to note Serebryansky and Kursky cement works, the expansion of Novoli-petsky metallurgical works and building of new metal works in the city of Vyksa. The card and pride of factory workers are such known sports constructions in Moscow, as «Luzniki», «Locomotive», skating rink on the roof of «Evropeysky» mart. And from projects of the last years — a dome and atrium of capital sports complex «Global-city», wide-span ceiling of entrance group of «MEGA-Belaya dacha» shopping centre, five domes on «Kashirsky Moll»


«Energomash (Belgorod)» close corporation is the largest manufacturer of metal constructions in Russian Federation. The main branches of activity: industrial and civil building, complex spatial round pipe metal constructions, pylon.

«Energomash (Belgorod)»close corporation
Belgorod, Volchanskaya st., 165
Tel/fax (4722)