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This building is ventured by youth

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 1830

Participation in the Olympic project for students from building teams is not only the way to earn money, but also the satisfaction of need for communication, creative activity, knowledge of their future profession and life.

At the year of anniversary (half a century) of student's building teams, the new page in their history was opened. On the 13th of august, free and benevolent as much as possible, Dmitry Medvedev arrived to Sochi to meet those who is young, vigorous and full of desire to make a dream come true.

— A lot of things have happened for these 50 years — both the country and life have changed, — the head of the state recollected, — nevertheless movement remains. This year about 230 thousand students participate in building teams' activity. In the mid-eighties this number reached almost one million persons — 800 thousand. But, really, it was during the period when we lived in a little different country — there were more people, and there were more objects. — Teams are not only the way to earn money in summer for us, — the student of the Siberian state technological university, the commissioner of student's team «Berkut», Vladimir Nikodimov echoes. — Mainly, it is the way that gives us possibility to satisfy the need for communication, creative activity, training working skills. Dmitry Medvedev appeared to be informed of the fact? that last year students from building teams had earned 5 billion roubles. «It sounds good, — the president weighed up. But admitted: — if to divide this sum among 270 thousand persons, it turns out to be quite modest»

The head of the state predicts the peak of a demand for building student groups on 2010–2012, when the construction of the Olympic objects comes to final phase. («Reporter» interviewed three students from building teams, participating in a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev and presenting this summer at Russian «building of a century»).

Author: Natalia Klimova