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«Building teams have come into fashion again»

¹ 5 (2009)
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Students of the Russian high schools tell about building of the Olympic objects and their role in this process.

With a torch and music Ivan Yevkin, the commander of group of Victor Ivanovich Krusser Voronezhsky of the state building university: — There arrived 40 persons from Voronezh. We were divided into two groups. One worked in company «Mostotrest», another — in «Most» building company. We worked on strengthening of bridge support slopes on a sector № 125 Picket, 10th kilometre. We have experienced real production process. We have seen how the heads treat working class and vice versa. This knowledge will be helpful for future expert. Nobody from construction team regretted that had gone. This is a special spirit. And, Medvedev has noticed truly, «well forgotten old thing» Even slang remained from Soviet times. A jacket, a commander and a commissar. It was so good! On the one hand you work hard, on the other hand, you still have strength for rest. We worked till 19 o'clock, came to camp, washed, had supper and played volleyball. When it was getting dark quickly, we put the torch. By the way,we made sports ground ourselves. Also we bathed in the sea.

It is exactly so, that for high school to have the construction team became prestigious. Both teachers, and students feel it. Earlier we were sent for practical training and worked free of charge. And the treatment was scholastic. Construction team is a different thing. We have earned decent money. And the fact, that we participated in building of Olympic objects, saw with our own eyes how it all began, remains in our souls and hearts. I am not afraid of big words.

It was very amusing, when the local TV shoot a film about us and the vacationers began to recognize us even without clothes, on a beach. And in cafe they regularly ordered music for us. Like in Soviet Union Fyodor Dubinin, the commander of group «Iskra» of Omsk state university of railway communication: — Our group has been working for a long time already. But at the All-Russian scale building we are for the first time. It is possible to tell, that we became Olympic builders-pioneers. Building is planned for three-four years. And we had the first year. Strangers in Sochi also recognized us at first sight, as the students from construction team. I remember, how in the bus, the grandfather-passenger started a conversation with us, he recollected, how he had worked at the All-Russia buildings. And, really, now it is like in Soviet Union: people came from work, did not want to sleep, sat on a bench, sang songs, those, old. Not rap. No. It was good. There are 20 persons in group. We are always together. It really unites. Now we are looking forward for gathering again. We would gather, and recollect, so to say, the past.

Sometimes we were disagree with contractors. For example, they say: you will get salary on these days. Everybody got, except some guys. Well, we solved these nuances then. We got used to it gradually. After all in Siberia obligations are carried out more accurately. Rostovites explained, that the point was that we were in the south.

The fashion for construction teams has really appeared. Earlier, I remember, students did not know what is it at all. It was necessary to tell, agitate. Now, on the contrary, everybody is spoiling for building. We choose the best of the best. I am a fifth-year student, I graduate from university this year. In a year I will prepare the worthy change, the new commander.

Village «Vesyoliye Grebeshki» Evgeniy Abubakirov, the commander of group «Don» from the Rostov state university of railway communication: — We have quickly formed the group. We put up notices in the university, and within a week 60 persons responded to the call. We selected 22 fighters. We considered in complex study, controllability, responsibility. The question with the contractor was solved by our rector Vladimir Ivanovich Kolesnikov. In Rostov we knew already, that we will work in organisation «MostGeoTsentr», building coast-protecting constructions along the river Mzymta. The contractor rented for us the house in village «Vesyoliye Grebeshki». There are TVs, fans in the rooms, and a beautiful view of the vicinities from a balcony. However, the sea is far. But, maybe, it is good. We had to wake up at seven in the mornings, so that to start working at eight in village Ahshtyr at the sector №5 Picket 94-102. We were charged with filling different constructions with stones.

We had an occasion to collect dust. The work was not too difficult. But 10 hours at 40 degrees above zero are terrible. My hair had burnt to blonde colour. And I am the brunette. All the guys shaved off their hair completely. And in general the idea of construction teams is splendid! It really brings up new personnel. The student who has undergone construction team, in 20 years is already ready little head. The graduate who did not experience real industrial difficulties, will only try to understand structure for three years. What a chief he would be? I judge by my guys. Two months of everyday dirty work trained them, they began to see life and their future in absolutely another way. Their eyes shine absolutely differently, there appeared interest to the future profession, appeared the aim to be more experienced.

We have made friends with children from Samara and Voronezh in Sochi, at the meeting with Medvedev. All my children have shaken hands with him. We discussed with children the romanticism of construction teams. It remained. After all, we did not go only for money, though mainly for them. We went for new friends, impressions, experience. And we are proud of the fact, that we were at the beginnings of the Olympic Games. When I go for the Olympic Games in 2014, I will visit ski resort and have a look at the sector №5 Picket 94-102.

Author: Irina Varlamova