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«Nobody managed to surpass Olympic Games-80»

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 1842

Art and sports have harmoniously combined in it, considers Valentine Alekseev, the assistant of the main director of XXII summer Olympic Games, the academician, the winner of the State award of Russia of «The Sides of Theatre of Masses».

Bears do not fly

— Already there are no those eminent directors. Joseph Mihaylovich Tumanov in the late thirties worked with Stanislavsky. In days of the Great Patriotic War he became the main director of the Moscow Musical theatre.

In 1960, being the director of the Bolshoi theatre, he thought up a rain of pink petals, which showered the actors taking a bow. He uses this trick then on Olympic Games-80.

The sports part was the duty of directors Boris Petrov and Vasily Gubanov. Gubanov has been making sports holidays since 1930th. It was Gubanov, who had thought up a live vase, which was shown later in a comedy film «Circus».

Olympic Games-80 should have shown power and friendliness of the USSR. For the embodiment of a grandiose holiday the best forces were collected.

— Did the top management of the USSR interfere with process of creation of the scenario?

— No. They knew to whom had entrusted this business. The organisation was at high level. The wild rain began during dress rehearsal. The paper suits, which masters from Riga had sewed for mass meeting, began to flow. Two and a half thousand persons were necessary to be dressed in a day. The party ordered — and dresses were made in time by our studio already.

— Before the Olympic Games-80 they wished to turn down the most spectacular number — the flight of the Bear. There was even a catchphrase: «Bears do not fly». What is this story about?

— Really, the head of Sport committee of the USSR Marat Gramov took out the resolution on the scenario: «Bears do not fly». Then Tumanov went to Suslov to defend his art message. He appreciated the idea.

— And whoes idea all the same was to launch the Bear in the sky?

Now, probably, many people will attribute authorship to themselves. But officially it is considered that the author of idea is Joseph Tumanov. The design presented the light aluminium case fitted by rubberized fabric. The multi-coloured spheres filled with helium were attached to paws and ears of the Bear.

In a paw there was a valve. Radars were looking after the Bear, preventing the huge toy from landing in the wrong place. The valve was opened, when the Bear reached the Vorobyovy mountains. It went down, apparently, on the lawns.

With eyes full of tears

— The song «Good-bye, Moscow, good-bye» became a symbol of Olympic Games-80. Why Alexandra Pahmutova was chosen?

— For Pahmutova at that time competitors did not exist. She was the best. Moreover, Alexandra Nikolaevna wrote the whole cycle of songs on sports theme.

— Did party bosses recommend to make a song more solemn, considering importance of the moment?

— No. In Olympic charter there is a condition: a final part is a farewell to spectators. Everything should occur in minor rate. So to say, with a teardrop. And the whole world appreciated it! People cried, saying goodbye to the Olympic Games, and fell in love with our country for these touching moments.

— How did the top management, common people, colleagues-foreigners assess the Olympic Games?

— Many people from the production part received awards. Olympic committee received letters with thanks for Olympic Games-1980 from inhabitants of the USSR.

Participants of production of the Olympic Games were invited to other countries.

In 1988 Boris Nikolaevich Petrov and I worked in Syria, on X Mediterranian Games. In 1991 we were invited to Egypt, to help to prepare the V All-African Games; in 2000 — to Greece, for opening the Olympic year.

Will Russian spirit be given to foreigners?

— Whether you received offers to take part in organization of the Sochi Olympic Games? Whether it is possible, that the western script writers and directors will call the shots in 2014?

— Yes, I have already conducted negotiations on the occasion of Sochi-2014. There are no concrete offers yet. But, I hope, something will be offer to old guards. West influence is, of course, enormous. The big team of foreigners also worked on «Eurovision». And worked good. I trace tendencies and I think, the Olympic Games-2014 will be organized by foreign colleagues.

— How do you estimate organisation of other Olympic Games, including the last in Beijing? Whether It is possible for directors to show the spirit of the country where the Games take place?

— In my opinion, there have been no Olympic Games better than ours. Art and sports have harmoniously combined in it. It was sincere and warm. Without special pathos. In America, for example, there is a lot of it. The Beijing Olympic Games have, of course, passed national colour. There were a lot of drums and Chinese songs. But, as for me, it was too anthropogenic. All the same, nobody managed to surpass Olympic Games-80.

Bear's secret

Till now it is not clear, how «Sweet Bear» made its legendary flight to «fantastic wood». There are some versions. Engineer-verifier Trusov suggested to launch in the sky the person dressed up by a bear, with the spheres fastened to it filled with helium. Trusov himself volunteered to test the device. Everything went well, but the unexpected flaw carried away the person-bear upwards. Nobody saw Trusov anymore.

Then inventor Jury Maltsev suggested to operate the Bear, by manipulating helium spheres. In a hinder leg there was a booth for the pilot. During testing the wind had blown again, and the Bear was blown off to Olympic fire cup. The pilot was lost. Analysing tragical flight, came the idea to fasten spheres only to ears and paws — to reach the balance. Trainings were successful. When the apotheosis of the Olympic Games came, rubber Bear with tears in his eyes emerged to the stadium. He flied up on the set height, and then, having changed a flight trajectory, straightly began to move towards Vorobyovy mountains. It is a riddle also how it landed. According to one version, it crashed directly in the street, having crushed two beer stalls, to another — Bear together with the pilot was carried away to the Mozhaisk reservoir. At first the device was operated, but then got out of hand, and a flaw nailed the Bear-dirigible balloon to the earth. The pilot was lost.

After the Games Olympic Bear was seen in VDNH pavilion. But competent people say that a clone was showed to public. The real Bear whether was destroyed at once, or was hidden in VDNH basement, where it was eaten by rats.

Author: Irina Varlamova