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Sochi Lumiers

¹ 5 (2009)
Viewed: 1968

Film studio ST-Video has started creation of a full-length documentary film about preparation for the Olympic Games-2014.

The movie company having the modern equipment and the best professional stuff in the south of Russia, pretends to the status of «Russian Hollywood» General producer of ST-Video, Stanislav Chumakov, has told to «Reporter» about the unique project of studio — the detailed film annals of the Preolympic five-year period separating the world from the Sochi Games.

— Stanislav Vladimirovich why the provincial film studio has decided to venture the theme of

the state scale? After all everything that is connected with the Olympic Games, is raised to the level of national idea…

— Hearings about provinciality of the Rostov cinema are very exaggerated. Film production in the south of the country is a world tendency. After all, American film industry was not formed in Washington or in New York, but in Los Angeles, in southern state. At the moment of cinema origin, Hollywood was the real backwoods — modern Rostov is just the capital in comparison with it.

Appearance of the film industry in the south of Russia is quite a normal phenomenon caused both by technical, and natural factors. We have 300 sunny days a year, and for cinema it is very important. Also, to make films in Rostov is much cheaper, than in capitals.

— Perhaps experience of participation in 62 Cannes film festival has given to you courage to approache Olympic chronicles?

— We did not feel like «poor relatives» in Cannes. Our film about South Federal Region was presented in «Russian pavilion»; thanks to it the South of Russia was made known very adequately. We had some interesting offers from foreigners, solid companies and well-known producers.

But we consider «Sochi-2014» to be the main project, certainly. I can say with all modesty, it is possible to name it unique: we are the one studio in the country who started to shoot film about the Sochi Olympic Games five years before their beginning.

— Whether ST-Video had serious motivation for this purpose, except geographical proximity and conjuncture?

— The proximity means much. But besides, we have the advanced equipment for such scale project. Once a week our film crew leaves for coast and imprints the way how the Olympic Games are being born. When others will start to create film about Olympic Sochi, we will be beyond comparison in any case. We will tell, how construction superintendents worked on buildings and in the Kremlin. How sports palaces were erected and sportsmen were brought up. We would like to finish crying of pleasure and enjoying victories, when our children will be standing on podiums.

— What future for the Olympic film you dream of?

— Everything that is being shot now about preparation for the Games, is made in an informational television format. This archive is made by different people, mixed technics and in different genres. It will be impossible to show it on the big screens. And I consider, that our «Sochi-2014» is worthy of the big screen.

Author: Irina Rodina